Updated 20 March 2017

How to buy PlayStation Plus membership

Where to join and how to pay.


PlayStation Store on your PS4

  • Go to [PlayStation Store] and scroll down to [PlayStation Plus] in the side menu.

PlayStation Store on web browser

  • Go to the Games tab and select PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus Hub  on your PS4

  • Go to [PlayStation Plus] on the far right of your PS4 home screen and select [Join PlayStation Plus].

PlayStation Plus gift card from a physical store (voucher code)

Note: Funds in your PSN wallet will be used when you purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription. You’ll need to either have funds ready to spend or a linked payment method (you can link a payment method during purchase).

For your convenience, when you subscribe we will usually switch on the wallet function 'Automatically add funds to renew subscriptions or Pay for Pre-ordered Content'. This is so your membership can automatically renew, even when you do not have enough wallet funds, subject to the requirements listed on this page.

  • Subscribing with a PSN sub account

    If you have a PSN sub account you can join PlayStation Plus, but you can only buy membership with a non-renewing voucher code. Read the terms of the voucher code carefully before you redeem it make sure it is a non-renewing membership.

    This is because a credit or debit card for automatic subscription renewal can’t be linked to a sub account.

How to check subscription status

There are a few ways to manage your PlayStation Plus subscription:

PlayStation Plus Hub on PS4

PlayStation Subscriptions on PS4

Purchase Confirmation Email

On your PS4 go to [PlayStation Plus] > [Manage Membership] > [Subscription].


Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Account Information] > [PlayStation Subscriptions] > [PlayStation Plus] on your PS4.

Check the email you received from PlayStation Network with the subject 'Thank You For Your Purchase' to find out how long you have left on your subscription.

Subscription price changes

If the price of your subscription rises, you will be notified by an email sent to the address used as your Sign-in ID to give you enough time to cancel your subscription renewal.