Updated 17 October 2018

Bans and suspensions on PlayStation Network

Learn why a user might be banned or suspended from PlayStation Network and what to do if you receive a ban or suspension.


Most PSN bans and suspensions are caused by violations of the Community Code of Conduct. If you would like more information about how to avoid bans and suspensions, please visit the Community Code of Conduct article.


What are the different ban and suspension types?

A suspension is temporary - you will be notified of how long the suspension will last and the reason for the suspension in an email sent to your Sign-In ID email address.

A ban is permanent and cannot be lifted.

  • System bans / suspensions 

If a PlayStation system has been banned or suspended, no local user accounts on the system will be able to sign in to PlayStation Network. This means the system cannot be used for online gaming through PlayStation Network, accessing PlayStation Store or managing accounts. Individual accounts can be used to access PlayStation Network on other PlayStation systems, provided the specific accounts have not been banned or suspended.

  • Account bans/suspensions 

An account-specific ban or suspension prevents that account from signing in to PlayStation Network on any PlayStation system or other device.


How do I know if my console or account has been banned or suspended?

If there has been a ban or suspension placed on your account or PlayStation system, you will see an error code when attempting to sign in to PlayStation Network. If you have searched for an error code and been directed to this page, the code you have seen is related to a ban or suspension.

Please refer to the notification email sent to your Sign-In ID address for more information. The email will include:

  • whether you have been temporarily suspended — and for how long — or permanently banned,
  • the reason for the action, 
  • the date that the ban or suspension became active.

How do I find out the reason for a ban?

Check the notification email sent to your Sign-in ID email address. Please note that Customer Support can only tell you the general reason for the ban or suspension, as shown in the notification email, and will not enter into further discussion. If you would like more information please check the SEN Terms of Service.

Can a ban or suspension be lifted?

Every ban and suspension on PSN is the result of a thorough investigation by Sony moderation staff. As a result, all suspensions and bans are final and cannot be disputed. The only exception is when a ban or suspension has been applied due to an account debt which can be lifted once the player has repaid the balance.


What happens to my content and subscriptions if my account or console is banned?

If your account has been banned you no longer have access to content, subscriptions or trophies associated with the account. You will not receive refunds for any content or subscriptions that are active at the time of the ban. This is in line with the SEN Terms of Service.

If your console has been banned you will be able to access your account, content and subscription services from another system, provided your account has not also been banned.

I have bought a second-hand PlayStation system that is banned. Can the ban be lifted?

Once a PlayStation system has been banned the decision is final and cannot be reversed. This is because bans on PlayStation systems and accounts are responses to the most severe behaviours.

PlayStation and Sony Entertainment Network recommend only purchasing new PlayStation products from reputable retailers in order to avoid buying banned systems. If you have purchased a banned PlayStation system, please contact the retailer for help.