Updated 24 February 2020

Content is not shown on the PlayStation 3 download list

This article explains why content might not appear in your download list and how to fix the issue.

  1. A subscription or season pass has been purchased

Not all purchased content needs to be downloaded because it will work immediately. For example season passes and subscriptions are active straight away and will appear in your services list and will be added to your account without any further action required.

  1. Go to [PlayStation Network] > [Account Management] >  [Transaction Management] > [Services List] to find out whether the season pass has been added to your account.
  2. You will be able to download any DLC that comes with the season pass through PlayStation Store. When you get to checkout make sure you are not charged for the content included with the season pass before finalising your purchase.
  1. If your purchased content has been downloaded to your PlayStation 3 system and has not been deleted, you will not find it on your download list.
  1. Go to [Game] or [Video] on the XMB Menu to check whether the content has already been downloaded.
  2. If you have rented a video you have 30 days to watch it. If 30 days have passed it will disappear from your download list and from  [Video] and you will not be able to view it without renting it again or purchasing it.
  1. If your PlayStation 3 has been replaced you may not be able to download some purchased content

Some content sold on PlayStation Store, like SingStar songs and PlayStation Video, has a licence restriction. This means that it can only be downloaded to one activated PlayStation 3 system, even if you deactivate the old system before you activate the new one.

This means that if you replace your console this content cannot be immediately re-downloaded. To make this content downloadable, simply contact us for assistance.

  1. The transaction was not completed

Check that the purchase is showing in your transaction list. Click here to find out how to view your transactions. If the content is visible on your transaction list, find it in PlayStation Store and re-download it. However, if you are asked for payment and you have already paid, contact us before downloading the content.

  1. Make sure you have purchased content from the right PlayStation Store

Content purchased from SEN Europe may not be compatible with software, systems or other Sony systems licensed for sale outside Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

If you have purchased and downloaded content purchased from a PlayStation Store which is in a different region to the region your PlayStation 3 was licensed for you might find that you cannot start the content.

If you are trying to use DLC for a disc product, check that they are compatible by checking the disc ID. The disc ID is the code (letters and numbers) that is located on the spine of the game box and is also printed on the disc itself and looks like this: BLES-00123 and may start with BCES, BLES, BLAS (Asia), BLUS (USA).

Only disc IDs containing the letter 'E' will work in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. If your disc ID does not include the letter 'E', please contact the retailer for assistance.