Updated 10 November 2016

Take and Share PlayStation 4 Screenshots

Find out how to take and share screenshots on your PlayStation 4 System.


How do I take a screenshot?

Press and hold the SHARE button for at least 1 second.

  • Depending on the content or the state of the system, it might not be possible to take a screenshot.
  • To check screenshots that you have taken, select [Profile] from the function screen, and then select (Captures).

How do I upload a screenshot?

  1. Press the SHARE button, and then select [Upload Screenshot].
  2. Select a screenshot.
  3. Select an online service. This screen is displayed only when there are multiple online services available.
  4. Enter a comment, and then select [Upload].
  • The first time you connect to an online service, you must enter your account information for the online service. If you do not have an account, create one by visiting the online service's website.
  • Only 1 screenshot can be uploaded at a time.
  • Methods for deleting uploaded screenshots vary by online service. Refer to the website of the online service.

How do I send a screenshot to a Friend?

You can use (Messages) to send a screenshot to a Friend by selecting (attach).