Yakuza™ 4

  • PS3

Can you survive the dangers and temptations of the Japanese underworld?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: SEGA Studios Japan
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    • Experience the shadowy Japanese underbelly as one of four characters, each with different missions that let you explore Tokyo from different viewpoints.
    • Explore the bright lights of the city, head into the depths of Tokyo's intricate underground, explore its backstreets and take in the views from the rooftops.
    • Work on your skills and become the ultimate fighter with enhanced battle mechanics and a new training system.
    • Discover an intricate storyline that incorporates all aspects of Japanese culture including hostess bars and karaoke.
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    Gang stars

    Welcome to Kamurocho, Tokyo - a place where lives can change within seconds... and where your destiny is about to become entwined with the fate of four men trapped within a web of deception and betrayal. Yakuza 4 on PlayStation 3 throws you into a deadly world of honour, money and gangland violence.

    The story starts with a mysterious moneylender called Shun Akiyama, who stumbles across a dangerous situation involving two clans which spills into murder. With the two Yakuza gangs involved in an increasingly volatile confrontation, three other men are dragged into the struggle for money, power and influence.

    Experiencing the game from the viewpoints of Shun, detective Masayoshi Tanimura, death-row convict Taiga Saejima, and the legendary ex-yakuza Kamurocho Kazuma Kiryu, you embark on a shadowy journey through the underbelly of Japanese gang culture. A new chapter in the legend of Yakuza is about to begin - how will you leave your mark?

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    Bright lights, big city

    Yakuza 4 on PlayStation 3 transports you into a stunning recreation of Kamurocho, Tokyo, where excitement and danger lurk on the rain slicked city streets. Full of flashing neon lights and busy people, Yakuza 4 offers up a brilliantly convincing portrayal of a bustling metropolis. Shoppers hunt for bargains, young lovers search for somewhere to eat and suited businessmen look to unwind in trendy bars.

    It looks incredible, with well observed animations brought to life with beautiful facial expressions that capture every inflection of the impressively written dialogue. The speech is all in Japanese (with translated subtitles), capturing the authentic flavour of Tokyo and immersing you within a fascinating landscape that's not just about action - there's plenty of culture to entertain you, too.

    Need a break from the mean streets of Kamurocho? Then Yakuza 4 offers plenty of pleasing diversions. From the main menu you can view scenes from the previous Yakuza games, while biographies provide background dirt on the game's more important characters.

    By purchasing the Yakuza 4 Steelbook Edition, you gain access to free downloadable content via PlayStation Store, including character costumes and new modes which are unlocked when you complete the game, such as a brutal underground fighting arena.

    You'll find plenty to see and do in the massive Yakuza 4, whether you're familiar with the stylish roots of the series or if you're totally new to its lively gangland tone. Welcome to the family - now keep your ears open and eyes peeled...

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    Live by the sword

    Walking through the streets of Yakuza 4 may surprise you. Its vast open world offers a wonderfully wide scope of gameplay, covering an entertaining range of cultural experiences. Guiding your character through Kamurocho, you'll find plenty of people to talk to, each detailing a different aspect of Yakuza 4's gameplay.

    While heading to destinations marked on your map, you can go on detailed side missions, purchase items from shops and collect information. If you prefer a little relaxation, there are a variety of mini-games to enjoy. The likes of golf, table tennis, arcade games, hostess bars and karaoke are yours to dive into, with competitive two player games such as pool, darts and bowling also playable. With the ability to download bonus content as well, you'll never grow bored with things to do in Yakuza 4.

    Despite all these leisurely activities you'll often be required to defend yourself against muggers, street punks and Yakuza members looking to stomp on you for entering their turf. With punches, kicks, counters, combos, finishing moves and the ability to use nearby objects as weapons, you're well armed to take on the thugs of Kamurocho. Your attacks can also be upgraded as you gain experience through your deeds and defeating enemies. You'll need swift reactions to survive - Yakuza 4's brutal action is sure to have you counting your fingers like a shamed clan member, by its end...

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