Virtua Quest

Embark on an epic journey to learn the way of the warrior in this action RPG spin-off from Sega's legendary Virtua Fighter series.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game / Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega-AM2

    Sega's latest takes the sublime combat of the acclaimed Virtua Fighter series out of the arena and into a full-blown RPG adventure. You play as Sei, a young boy who discovers he has the ability to harness the power of Virtua Souls. This extraordinary gift brings our hero to the attention of the shady syndicate known as Judgement 6, who wish to use Sei's powers to bring about chaos and anarchy.

    In his quest to halt Judgement 6's nefarious plans, Sei will become an increasingly formidable combatant. Virtua Quest's levels are littered with Virtua Souls, data clusters that impart valuable information about the fighting techniques of the Virtua Fighter characters. The game's dynamic fighting system also includes an 'Energy Wire', which can be used either to pull Sei from point to point or to grab onto enemies and chain deadly attack moves together.

    Combat is supplemented by traditional RPG elements such as experience points, and hidden 'Treasure' items lie in wait for the more inquisitive player.

    • Action RPG with intense combat from the makers of the Virtua Fighter series

    • Discover Virtua Souls to learn techniques of VF fighters

    • Compelling storyline and impressive cinematic sequences

    • Players

      1 Players

    • Player Types

      1 Player Types


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