Urban Trial Freestyle™

  • Also on PS3

Go faster and higher than you've ever been before.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: Tate Multimedia
  • Developer: Tate Interactive
  • Also on PS3
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  • Race through a wide range of urban environments in this fresh take on the action bike racer genre.
  • Break the rules of gravity with accessible controls. 
  • Discover an engaging gameplay experience that features innovative social elements.
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Urban decay

Motorcycle Trials is a fascinating sport. Taking a motorbike over all manner of outlandish obstacles performing a variety of tricks that seemingly defy gravity, lends itself perfectly to a video game. Urban Trial Freestyle offers you the chance to try the sport in the most dramatic way possible, across unpredictable destinations.

As its name suggests, Urban Trial Freestyle is set against a variety of city environments. It's not just about riding across high streets and office blocks; underground lines, abandoned theme parks and highways are all in the mix.

Each track offers environmental hazards to speed across, leap over or to be crushed by, all with their own unique twist. Trying to outrun boulders as you race down a roller coaster, or jump from a speeding train to reach the next platform is all commonplace to these bikers.

The detailed cityscape is matched by its riders. With a range of outfits and bike upgrades available, your racer can be personalised and your bike tuned for peak performance.

Urban Trial Freestyle PS Vita screenshot

Full body control

While it's possible to charge through each track in Urban Trial Freestyle at full speed, finesse is necessary to rack up the high scores. Precisely propelling the powerful bikes through the air and landing each jump perfectly is the key.

It's a simple goal in theory, and you're helped by the game's intuitive controls that let you accelerate and break with precision through the game's two dimensional world. This isn't enough however, with the rider's weight needing to be shifted back and forth to nail the perfect landing.

Ensuring that just enough throttle is applied as you launch into the air is vital to hit the desired mark. Combining this with twisting your bike to just the right angle ensures a smooth landing and the best times.

Urban Trial Freestyle is one of those games that literally gets you moving. As you speed through the world, your body will contort to the on-screen action. And as you rock the rider's weight back and forward to hop over the next obstacle, you will quickly find yourself rocking with them as you hope to propel them to even greater heights.

Urban Trial Freestyle PS Vita screenshot

Wheelie compete with friends

Urban Trial Freestyle offers a variety of online leader boards. With three event types on offer, constant updates keep you up to date with the best racers from your friends list and the rest of the world.

In races, ghost bikes represent real-world competitors. They speed through the map showing the exact course your rival took, so you see how far off the pace you are. Stunt races similarly offer a constant update of your progress with markers showing the best results for each objective. With multiple tricks to perform on each track, you could be doing anything from a high jump to nailing a precision landing.

Challenge mode is the final option for competition. This expands as you earn points in the main game and gives you five mini-games to try your hand at, each with a new twist on the action. These join the multiplayer leader boards, to deliver hours of competitive, online fun.

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