Heroes must rise

Fight your way through a sprawling and ever-changing fantasy world in action-RPG adventure Torchlight 2.


Torchlight 2

  • PS4
PlayStation Plus required for online play
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
  • Developer: Runic / Panic Button

    Game overview

    Set off into the lands of Vilderan and extinguish the powers of evil once and for all.

    Explore a characterful fantasy world filled to the brim with randomized levels, enemies and loot in action-RPG adventure Torchlight II.

    Going it alone, or with a few friends in tow, explore the vast overworld of Vilderan. Fight through clear skies, rain or snow, day and night, with new layouts, paths, loot and monsters emerging every time you play.

    Choose from one of four classes boasting a variety of play styles and scour the towns and citadels of the land from the beleaguered Estherian Steppes, through the war-torn Mana Wastes to the haunted ruins of an ancient dwarven civilization.

    Collect new weapons and armour and develop new skills and abilities as you progress, taking on ever greater fiends as you hunt for the mysterious evil-doer who is wreaking havoc on the land.


    Key features

    Class-based combat

    Play as either a Berserker, Embermage, Engineer or Outlander, each with unique abilities and skills to unlock as well as armour and weapons to collect.

    Pets and fishing

    Choose a faithful companion to accompany you on your adventures. They'll carry items for you, help you in battle and – with the right fish – can even transform into powerful allies!


    Join up to three friends and work together to overcome ravenous hordes and brutal boss monsters as you explore the world of Vilderan.


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