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Parenthood is no walk in the park.


The Park

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Horror
  • Publisher: Funcom
  • Developer: Funcom

    Fun for the whole family

    Mummy dearest

    Game characters

    Fun for the whole family

    Mummy dearest

    As the sun sets over Atlantic Island Park, descend into every parent’s worst nightmare. Step into the shoes of Lorraine, a single mother searching desperately for her missing son amongst the dilapidated rides and twisted attractions of his once-favourite theme park.

    Unravel a dark and complex narrative and explore Lorraine’s fracturing psyche as you advance through the game; uncover the sinister secrets and history of the park itself; and discover the final truth waiting at the end of it all.

    Dare to confront Lorraine’s darkest fears – and your own – in this spine-chilling exploration of the trials of parenthood from the creators of popular urban legend-based MMO ‘Secret World’. 

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