The Mystery Team

Become a fearless reporter on an adventure across Europe.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Tonika Games
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    • Use your investigative powers to uncover clues, quiz characters and solve puzzles.
    • Use real-life locations to find clues and learn about photography in a perfect mix of mystery, investigation and puzzle solving.
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    The inside scoop

    There are some mysteries which are begging to be solved... are you curious to find out what goes bump in the night, what the strange flashing lights in the night sky are or if ghosts really exist? Then never fear - there are three intrepid investigators dedicated to finding answers. Join them in The Mystery Team, a slick puzzler exclusive to PSP.

    Jetting you to a variety of real-life locations such as Los Altos in Spain and Côte d'Azur in France, your job is to help The Mystery Gazette news team uncover a range of mysterious events. This is a well oiled gang of experience and ability, so you're bound to fit in.

    Firstly, there's Lieutenant Colonel Green, a 45-year-old army veteran. The good Lieutenant is your mentor and an expert in photography. He's ready to share all the tricks of the trade with you, so listen closely to anything he has to say.

    Next up is Anabel, who has the incredible ability to tell when people are lying. She's invaluable when interviewing suspects and witnesses, as well as a dab hand at strange codes.

    Rounding off the team is technology whizz-kid, Sparks. Hacking computers, picking locks and beating security devices are his strengths, so you can be sure to get into every nook and cranny during your investigations.

    The answers are out there, waiting for you to discover them. With this team you can't fail. Good luck, budding detective.

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    Hold the front page… and your nerve

    Is your mind keen enough to solve the world's weirdest mysteries? Prove it in The Mystery Team on PSP, a globetrotting adventure where you uncover clues and crack fiendish puzzles.

    Your first task as a super sleuth is to carefully read the briefing, which provides background information on your case. Pay attention young detective, as your first clues are here, mixed in with some educational and historical facts on your area.

    Made some notes? Then you're ready to delve into your location, which is split into several areas. Each has a number of items and clues which must be discovered for you to fully understand the mystery on your hands. Using an in-game camera, take snaps of anything out of the ordinary and don't be camera shy, as every little piece of evidence helps.

    You'll not only need your powers of observation - The Mystery Team also challenges your reflexes with a great variety of mini-games. Are your fingers fast enough to evade traps, pick locks, hack computers and overcome any of the other obstacles in your way?

    If you have all the evidence to hand, you're ready to question the witnesses and suspects on the scene. Interviewing each of the colourful characters you encounter is fun as you aim to find the culprits of the crimes. Once all the evidence is gathered, it's up to you to decide who the culprit is, as well as their motives and the identity of their accomplice.

    The Mystery Team is a smart and enjoyable puzzler, mixing satisfying brain-teasing with inventive action to keep you on your toes. Don't feel like you need to tackle it on your own, either - pass your PSP system around your friends and family and take it in turns to solve the mysteries wherever you go.

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