The Fight™

  • PS3

Slug it out with the toughest of underground fighters on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: TBC
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    • Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to throw punches, bob, weave and stick in some dirty low blows.
    • Boost your fitness and stay in shape in this intense brawler.
    • Playable in amazing stereoscopic 3D.
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    Knuckle up

    Danny Trejo is Duke, your guide to the gritty, no-holds-barred world of The Fight. The star of gritty movies like From Dusk Till Dawn and Machete is on hand to dish out hard-hitting motivation to help you climb the ladder of the bare-knuckle brawling scene – where referees fear to tread and the easy way out doesn’t exist.

    You’ll need Duke’s help - his advice could save your life in your fight for survival. Using the PlayStation Move motion controller together with the PlayStation Eye camera, you must punch, uppercut and hook your way to becoming the toughest fighter out there. Listen to Duke’s words of wisdom and you’ll learn a few dirty tricks of the trade too.

    Fittingly, The Fight features a dark and sinister colour palette, perfect for illustrating the dank alleyways, abandoned car parks and shadowy underpasses you’ll be scuffling in.

    Similarly, the sleazy fighters you are pitted against are pulled from the dregs of society – moonlight plays on grim scars, flabby beer bellies and malnourished ribcages, and with the ability to brawl in amazing stereoscopic 3D, these grizzled characters will step from the shadows and into your living room. In The Fight, your fists are their welcome party.

    The Fight Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    Ready to rumble

    With Duke’s advice ringing in your ears, it’s time to head out into the nocturnal world of the bare-knuckle brawlers, where you’ll find out whether going ballistic with a storm of big hits or grinding your opponent down with stamina-sapping jabbing is the key to success. Whichever approach you choose, the PlayStation Move motion controller offers deadly precision.

    First port of call in The Fight is the character set-up screen, where you can put yourself in harm’s way by customising your fighter to look like you. Next stop is the simple calibration process which lets you configure your controllers and the PlayStation Eye camera so that your every movement appears in-game seamlessly.

    You can use two PlayStation Move motion controllers together or one PlayStation Move motion controller with a DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller, and under Duke’s tuition you’ll learn how to use these to pull off killer haymakers, brutally direct punches and jabs and even below-the-belt techniques like the Double Hammer and the Spinning Elbow.

    Events come in two forms: Brawl, where the aim is to simply knock your opponent out, and Rush, which has you battling the clock as well as another fighter. Both categories earn you hard cash if you win, while beating the boss of a series of punishing events also unlocks powerful new moves which can be put to work in harder tests higher up The Fight’s career ladder.

    The cash you earn from fights can be pumped back into your training regime to make your fighter even more powerful. Endurance sparring, target practice, the speed bag and the heavy bag build up muscle, stamina and power. If you input your own age and weight data, your Body Mass Index will be automatically calculated to judge how many calories you burn – so as your fighter tears up the opposition, you keep fit in real life.

    The Fight Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    Make the pain pay

    Think you’ve blitzed the gritty underground fighting scene? Think again. In The Fight, opponents are everywhere, as you’ll find out when you venture online. Ultra-competitive opponents on PlayStation Network mean brawls are even more unforgiving.

    Take part in ranked events, and you’ll rely on your fists and your street-smarts in a variety of venues as you battle your way to the top of the tournaments. Be careful though – get too complacent and you could find yourself dumped on the floor, your record in ruins. 

    Unranked match-ups allow you to fight in events where no scores are kept, so your record is safe – but with less risk comes less respect from your bloodied peers.

    As you win fights online, you gain more cash to spend back in your gym. Another way of boosting your income is to place bets on fellow competitors. In The Fight’s online lobbies you can put your money on other people’s bouts and watch from the sidelines. You can even place bets as the action unfolds.

    How you fight and bet is up to you – in The Fight, the only rule is there are no rules.

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