The Fancy Pants Adventures™

  • PS3

Explore vast lands, defeat challenging enemies and overcome tricky obstacles on PS3 in your quest to save your sister.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA2D, Borne Games, Over The Top Games
    Fancy Pants Featured Image
    • Race through dense forests, underwater caverns and pirate ships in this epic adventure.
    • Stomp, kick and slash your enemies with 40 melee weapons and an arsenal of moves.
    • Team up with friends via PlayStation Network to find bonus levels, or battle it out in classic King of the Hill tournaments.
    • Relive the original quest, The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 1 and 2, in glorious High Definition.
    Fancy Pants screenshot

    Nice pants

    In The Fancy Pants Adventures on PlayStation 3 you play as Fancy Pants Man, a two-dimensional stick figure with spiky hair, wearing only a pair of zany triangular-shaped pants. The game takes place in the weird and wonderful world of Squiggleville, and the object is to guide Fancy Pants Man through a series of crazy lands while avoiding the numerous obstacles standing in your way.

    These include everything from spiders to snails and even mice armed with machine guns. In most instances you can take down an enemy by jumping on their heads; when you leap on a snail it quickly retracts into its shell, which can then be kicked to stun other enemies. With a little bit of practice you can kick a shell throughout the entire level to knock out every creature along the way.

    Other objectives include collecting hidden stars and making it through the world as fast as you can by performing a series of fluid movements such as running, sliding, jumping and bouncing off walls to reach up to ledges and floating platforms. The quicker you master this technique, the easier it is to dash through the level and grab yourself a coveted time bonus.

    Fancy Pants screenshot

    Four pairs of pants

    Fancy Pants Adventures on PlayStation 3 features an addictive multiplayer mode that you can compete in with up to three of your friends via PlayStation Network. The goal is simple: speed through the entire level collecting a series of swirls for points. The person with the most swirls at the end of the level wins. Sounds simple, right? Not quite. Other players can attack you by jumping on your head or sliding into you. Once you have been tackled, you drop a lot of swirls, which they can then steal for themselves.

    Another fun mode in Fancy Pants Adventures is King of the Hill. Here, the goal is to think vertical. Each of you has to jump up walls to reach the top of the level where you'll find a special device that spits out swirls. When you have reached it, you must remain there until the timer runs out by knocking the other players to the bottom of the level using bizarre weapons such as forks and baguettes.

    Alongside these fun multiplayer modes there are a series of tough challenge rooms for you to put your skills to the test in. They feature numerous objectives such as getting through an obstacle filled room in the quickest possible time. Be sure to try as many of these as possible because they are a great way to help you master the fast and furious speed of Fancy Pants Adventures on PlayStation 3.

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