Fear the dark

Do you have what it takes to survive?


The Amnesia Collection

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Horror
  • Publisher: Frictional Games
  • Developer: Bit Works / Frictional Games / The Chinese Room

    Feeling brave?

    Three nail-biting titles

    Pit your nerves against a truly terrifying nightmare of suspense, delirium and desperation in Frictional Games infamous series of horror titles.

    The Amnesia Collection brings together the influential break-out title Amnesia: The Dark Descent, with the experimental expansion Amnesia: Justine and its incisive follow-up Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

    Step in the vacant mind of Daniel in The Dark Descent and explore a nightmarish castle with only your wits and your cunning to protect you. The darkness lurks with terrors as you fumble through the vast and eerie environment trying to piece together your shattered memories.

    Explore the macabre fever dreams of wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus in A Machine for Pigs. Plagued by dreams of an infernal machine, you must stumble through Oswald’s residence to rescue his family from an insidious and unspeakable presence.

    • 1080p


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