Start the Party!™ Save the World

  • PS3

Become a superhero in 20 action-packed mini-games including Astro Bounce and Tentacle Trouble.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Party
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Supermassive Games Ltd
    Start The Party! Save The World screenshot
    • Grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and prepare to battle Dr Terrible in a series of hilarious mini-games.
    • See yourself on-screen as you use your motion controller to scoop up fish, swat flies and rescue lost divers.
    • Challenge up to three friends on PS3, take down an evil villain and save the world in four different game modes.
    Start The Party! Save The World screenshot

    Holding out for a hero

    You don't need muscles and a fancy suit to be a hero; all you need is a PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a copy of Start the Party! Save the World on PS3. This action-packed game is full of light-hearted challenges that the whole family can enjoy, so scan a picture of yourself using your PlayStation Eye camera and watch as you become an on-screen hero, ready to take on the menacing Dr Terrible.

    As you tackle each mini-game, you find yourself in a brand new environment. You could be underwater, piloting a helicopter above a city or on the surface of a completely new planet. Each game will also transform your motion controller into a new weapon or gadget, so be prepared to blast, whack and swipe your way through crazy missions.

    It's fast, frantic and completely hilarious - Start the Party! Save the World on PS3 is the perfect game to get any party started.

    Start The Party! Save The World screenshot

    Brave and bold

    Your PlayStation Move motion controller is about to turn into some of the craziest gadgets imaginable in Start the Party! Save the World on PlayStation 3. From the depths of the ocean to skyscraper rooftops, Dr Terrible is wreaking havoc - pick up your motion controller and battle with this devious enemy.

    Select Solo Play to take on Dr Terrible on your own and beat your high scores. In Survivor mode, it's all about quick reactions and lightning reflexes as you keep scoring points to stay in the game. Your motion controller could appear on-screen as a giant brush to scrub robots clean, a laser pen to zap UFOs or a mechanical grabber to save trapped divers - the possibilities are endless. Keep your score high or it's all over in this crazy series of challenges.

    In Free Play mode, select the challenge you want to take on and battle against Dr Terrible's evil plans. Use your motion controller as a giant hand to balance a poorly patient in Manic Medic, a huge magnet to mend broken robots in Fixin' Frenzy or a handy helicopter in Chopper Rescue. Keep going until your time is up, score tons of points and save the world!

    Start The Party! Save The World screenshot

    Who’s the greatest hero on your sofa?

    That'll be the question on everyone's lips when you get your friends and family round to play Start the Party! Save the World on PlayStation 3. Up to four heroes can get involved in the action. Pick up a PlayStation Move motion controller - you'll only need one to pass between you - and prepare for some hilarious, baddie-bashing challenges in Group Play.

    The four of you can enjoy up to ten rounds of colourful chaos and compete to be number one by earning stacks of points. Select Party to take turns in a series of mini-games and earn the most points to be crowned the greatest hero. Volley explosives into the sky in Bomb Bouncin', scorch some pesky bugs in Fire Fight and save astronauts from hulking meteors in Astro Bounce - the challenges just get more bizarre!

    Feeling fast? Try your hand, magnet or mechanical grabber at Quick Fire mode - it's a mash-up of three mini-games played in quick succession. Use super fast reflexes to switch between gadgets and become top dog. If you need some help, a second player can join in on some mini-games using a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller if you fancy taking on Dr Terrible as a devious duo.

    Pick up Start the Party! Save the World on PlayStation 3 and have the craziest party ever!

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