Sports Champions™ 2

  • PS3

Compete against friends and family in six fun-packed events.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Zindagi Games/San Diego Studio
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    • Grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and go for gold in all-new events - golf, boxing, bowling, skiing, tennis and an updated archery mode.
    • Create tournaments for up to four players, customise your character's look and save your individual stats and profile as you compete to win the gold medal.
    • Set up events for family and friends in the new Party Mode - compete in customisable tournaments, choosing your own rules and favourite sports.


    Multiplayer and all online features for this product have been terminated and are no longer available.

    Sports Champions 2 Gamescom 2012 screenshot

    Looks like a winner

    The sequel to one of the most popular PlayStation Move motion controller games on PlayStation 3, Sports Champions 2 includes a variety of eye-catching sports, many new features and customisation options, plus stereoscopic 3D visuals for the first time in the series.

    The set-up menus are bright, clear and easy to navigate with a flick of the motion controller, while the streamlined calibration process means you can start playing with a minimum of fuss and no loss of accuracy.

    The six events in Sports Champions 2 - bowling, boxing, golf, tennis, skiing and archery - are held across three gorgeous locations: the picturesque Breakpoint Bay, the Swiss Alps-style Mont Vitesse and the sprawling glass Mega Dome. There are several courses and venues to pick from in each location and the surrounding environments are full of detail, especially when viewed in 3D; you can even choose whether your bout takes place during the day or night.

    Sports Champions 2 screenshot

    Create your own champion

    An expanded feature in Sports Champions 2 is the opportunity to customise your character's appearance. There are loads of options, allowing you to tailor everything from build, skin colour and face type, to eyebrow shape, make up and tattoos.

    You can kit out your sports star too, with clothing and equipment ranging from stylish sunglasses or ski masks, to fancy dress eye patches and cowboy hats. Customise and colour your items and you'll also unlock more as you play, so make sure you keep your character looking uniquely snazzy.

    If you're in a rush to get the game started, take your pick from the impressive and colourful athletes on offer and get straight down to business.

    Sports Champions 2 screenshot

    Sporting fun for all

    One of the best things about Sports Champions 2 is that anyone can compete. There are adjustable difficulty levels, plus optional tutorials which you can try before beginning each event; these are great if you're new to the series or to PlayStation Move games in general.

    You need at least one motion controller to play, and in tennis, bowling and golf, only one per player can be used. In archery, boxing and skiing, you can choose to play with two motion controllers, performing movements and actions with both hands just like you would in real life.

    Free Play mode lets you jump straight in and sample any event in the game. Cup Play pits you against a series of opponents in a battle to win gold, silver or bronze, while Party Play lets you host a tournament for up to four players.

    Each sport is realistic and instantly enjoyable, allowing you to use genuine sporting techniques. For example, in golf or tennis, you can vary the power of your shots, or open the face of your club or racquet to add spin - these accurate touches really help immerse you in the experience. Bowling is fun and addictive, boxing is intense and a great way to settle family scores, while the archery mode - enhanced from the popular version in the first Sports Champions game - is fast-paced and filled with a variety of entertaining original game types. Don't forget to use the Victory Booth to take pictures of yourself holding a variety of virtual props - then post your favourites to Facebook.

    Sports Champions 2 Gamescom 2012 screenshot

    This time it’s serious

    When you're up against real-life opponents, Sports Champions 2 really lets you crank up the competition. The new Party Play mode is perfect for competing with family and friends, allowing you to create your own offline multiplayer tournaments, including choosing the events and setting the rules.

    In Party Play mode the game takes on a fresh, social vibe, with opportunities for you and your rivals to pose with virtual props, entertaining tips displayed between rounds and the chance to draw graffiti on your opponents' photos if you win. You can even record an audio sound bite for your character profile using the PlayStation Eye camera's microphone.

    Up to four players can take part in Party Mode, even if you've only got one motion controller, while adding more motion controllers allows you to expand your tournament and include a wider selection of events in your party.

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