Resident Evil™: Operation Raccoon City

  • PS3

Rewrite the history of the Raccoon City outbreak in this sinister team based shooter.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Slant Six Games
    RE Operation Raccoon City screenshot
    • Revisit classic scenarios from Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 on PlayStation 3 as a member of the shadowy Umbrella Security Service. 
    • Eliminate all survivors of the T-virus emergency, including zombies, bio-organic super soldiers and even series legend Leon S. Kennedy.
    • Compete alone in Campaign mode or online in a co-op battle against US Special Ops teams, via PlayStation Network.
    RE Operation Raccoon City screenshot

    Dawn of the undead

    Raccoon City is a town in flames following the eruption of a deadly contagion, with its population transformed into a shambling mass of cannibalistic zombies. You’ve been here before. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City coincides with the terrifying events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – both of which are available to download from PlayStation Store – only this time, there’s a twist.

    You are no hero. Instead, you play as a member of the Umbrella Security Service, tasked with wiping the city clean of any incriminating evidence of the disaster – including survivors and rescuers. The Umbrella Corporation wants to sweep this mess under the carpet; you and your elite team are its gun-toting housekeepers.

    Revisit landmarks such as the Raccoon City Police Department on your bloody cover-up mission, and watch out for familiar faces on your hit list, including Resident Evil 2 hero and rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy.

    Go back to the epicentre of the deadly T-Virus outbreak in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on PlayStation 3, and prevent the truth getting out whatever the cost.

    RE Operation Raccoon City screenshot

    Dark memories

    As a heavily armed agent of the Umbrella Corporation, you’ll experience the immediate aftermath of the T-Virus horror in Raccoon City from a totally new angle.

    Where you once stalked the corridors of the Raccoon City Police Department on the first day from hell as Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 2, you’ll now storm through eerie, darkened offices with a squad of three to back you up, desperately fending off zombies and US soldiers as you mop up evidence.

    Snarls and groans drift through the night air as all around you the town tears itself apart. There’s no time to explore your former stamping grounds. The spread of the virus through the populace has been lightning quick and you must keep moving.  

    Luckily, you can take in your surroundings at your own pace thanks to the game’s secret art galleries, unlocked as you collect intel packages on your way through the city. With a biological crisis on its way to engulfing the nation, you must fight your way through the hordes chapter by chapter, building up the true picture of the events in this unassuming town as you go.

    RE Operation Raccoon City screenshot

    Raccoon City reels

    Pick your weapons then blast a path through Raccoon City in an objective-led shooter that plunges you deep into the zombie apocalypse. Shoot first, answer accusations later: it’s the only way you’ll survive.

    Select your equipment at the menu screen before hitting the streets, tweaking your kit to complement that of your team. You might choose to play as Lupo, the assault specialist, so back yourself up by enlisting Vector, the close quarters combat expert, the medic Bertha and demolitions man Beltway.

    As you collect intel and data packs, you’ll earn experience points which unlock new skills and weapons, including thermal vision, incendiary rounds and heavy machine guns. This lets you mould your operative to match your playing style – so if you prefer getting up close and lethal, Vector’s active camouflage ability will work a treat.

    Prepare for terrifyingly varied enemies and work out attack strategies for each – ideally while taking cover. Look out for dynamite-laden zombies, whose payloads destroy them while attracting more of the undead. Lickers, the agile monsters which attack in packs, are vulnerable thanks to their exposed brains.

    These are just the enemies you’ll see coming. Shocks will explode from nowhere, leaving your planning in shreds. Sometimes it’s best to squeeze the trigger and run.

    RE Operation Raccoon City screenshot

    Team terror

    Recruit up to three of your friends to battle through a night of living dread via PlayStation Network, and know that someone has your back as the nightmare gathers pace.

    You can play through the Campaign mode with trusted allies at your side or take on rival operatives in the Versus mode. Whichever you choose, it’s a good idea to get quickly acclimatised to the grim situation Raccoon City faces. Learn when to use frag grenades and antiviral sprays, and you won’t let your team down or embarrass yourself online.

    Select the side you want to fight on – Umbrella or US forces – and then decide whether to stand your ground and fight in the Team Attack, Heroes and Biohazard game types, or race for the rescue helicopter in Survivor mode.

    In one final, heart-stopping twist, you can become infected with the zombie virus, and go on the rampage attacking your own teammates. All you can do then is hope they put you out of your misery before you inflict too much damage.

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