Rayman® Legends

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Awaken the legend.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Also on PS4
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  • Join Rayman, Globox and the rest of the gang in vibrant, colourful lands hidden within mysterious paintings.
  • Play alongside three friends in an action-packed, multiplayer platform adventure.
  • Jump to the beat and move to the rhythm of fast-paced musical worlds in all-new game modes where timing is key.
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Wake up! It’s time for another adventure

Down at the Snoring Tree, all is peaceful. Maybe… a little too peaceful. While Rayman and his friends have been settling down for a 100-year snooze, bad things have been happening all around them.

Seeing our heroes in a deep slumber, mischevious forces have seized their chance to fill the world with bad-dream monsters and rampage through the land, kidnapping the friendly Teensies and locking them up in unbreakable cages. Unbreakable that is, until Rayman wakes up.

Poked into action by his flying froggy pal Murfy, it’s now up to our limbless, hoody-wearing hero to hook up with Globox, Grand Minimus and a cast of friends old and new to free the Teensies – and restore the Glade of Dreams to a place where it’s once again safe to take a nap.

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Jump into a colourful dream land

Rayman Legends is packed with vibrant settings, loveable – and often hilarious – characters and soundtracks so catchy you’ll be whistling them for weeks. All of the gang from previous Rayman titles are here, like Globox – Rayman’s best, and hungriest, friend – and various Teensies, the tiny wizards who guard the secrets of the Glade of Dreams from the meanies and monsters that inhabit the nearby Land of the Livid Dead. There are also plenty of new friends to meet, each of them fully playable once you’ve collected enough Lums to unlock their portraits in the Heroes gallery.

As you complete levels and collect precious Lums, you’ll be awarded special scratch cards along the way. Open Rayman’s suitcase to try your luck – you can win all sorts of goodies, like new characters to play with or new creatures to add to your collection. That’s not all; scratch cards can also open the Back to Origins paintings, letting you take on favourite levels from Rayman Origins and rescue even more Teensies.

Every level will show you exactly how many Teensies you’ve rescued and trophies you’ve achieved within its painting, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to fully complete your quest. And for all you heroes with a competitive streak, there are plenty of leader boards to see how you measure up against players from your friends list, your country or everyone playing around the world.

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Awesomeness awaits

Each side-scrolling, platform-hopping area within the Glade of Dreams is accessed by jumping into one of six huge paintings in the Bubble Dreamer’s gallery. In each level, collecting Lums – the sleepy golden orbs that appear everywhere you go – and freeing Teensies is the name of the game, and you’ll need to keep your eyes open for the many hidden rooms and platforms that will lead you to them. Collecting Lums wins you trophies and lucky scratch cards at the end of each level, while freeing the 10 Teensies hidden throughout the world unlocks new paintings in the main gallery, and with them new worlds to explore.

If you're a fan of previous adventure Rayman Origins, you'll find plenty of familiar swinging, gliding and monster-smashing action to keep you thoroughly entertained, as well as some brand new puzzles, characters and game modes to spice things up. Certain levels see Rayman team up with Murfy, his flying frog friend, who is there to lend a hand by cutting ropes and pulling levers to clear a path, as well as dispatching enemies with a swift poke in the eye or even tickling them into submission. To really get the party started, there’s a whole host of new musical levels to get the Glade of Dreams rocking; you’ll need to keep time with the musical soundtrack and send Rayman leaping and swinging along to the beat if you want to make it through these worlds.

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Meet a cast of loveable heroes

You don’t have to go it alone in your quest to collect Lums and free the Teensies; Rayman Legends has plenty of ways to play alongside your friends – or compete against them in a series of events.

Dive in to the Heroes gallery and you’ll find portraits of Rayman and all of his buddies – jump into these portraits to switch between any of the characters you’ve unlocked. With up to four wireless controllers plugged in, you and your friends can choose your favourite characters and then dive into any of the available levels back in the main gallery, letting you work together to reach that last Lum or rescue any hard to reach Teensies that may have been eluding you when playing solo. Jumping into the Kung Foot painting will transport you to a football mini-game where you can take on up to three other players in madcap matches to smash the ball into the back of the net.

Inside the Challenges gallery, new daily and weekly trials will become available, giving you the chance to go head-to-head with players from all over the world and try to secure your spot on the leader board. Whether it’s a timed race through a level or a quest to collect the most Lums, you can earn trophies and compare results with your PSN friends list or with international players. The challenges available to you will depend on your level of awesomeness – special status earned by working your way through the main game. The higher your level, the trickier the challenges available – no problem to a hero as awesome as you, right?

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