PES 2012

  • PS3

The ultimate football experience is about to kick off.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
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    • Feel like part of a real football team with improved computer-controlled players that work together as a cohesive unit.
    • Spread the play with more freedom than before with new customisable passing.
    • Enjoy incredible authenticity and team and player data accuracy via exclusive use of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League licences.
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    Golden goal

    Konami's newest football season has kicked off in glorious fashion with its star player ready for another shot at sporting glory. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on PlayStation 3 runs on to a freshly cut pitch with the excitement of a new signing - immediately impressing with slickly animated visuals and authentic atmosphere via crowd chants, cheers and jeers.

    The excellent attention to detail creates the perfect football experience. Players look the part on the pitch while managers lurk on the sidelines, TV cameras follow the ball's every movement and stewards applaud the arrival of their football heroes.

    With a massive variety of options in its kitbag, you can customise PES 2012 to be the football game you want it to be. Once you've created an avatar in your image, you can change the button control configuration, edit all the teams, players and stadia and import all your data from Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 on PS3.

    There are also free data packs to download from PlayStation Store which update your game with the latest team strips, sponsored boots and other goodies. Football is always evolving, so PES 2012 ensures it's updating with it too.

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    Playing in the big leagues now

    Are you ready for football superstardom? Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on PlayStation 3 puts you in the boots of your favourite team and lets you take a shot at glory. Choose from over 200 teams with a mixture of club and national squads, and play them in prestigious competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and the Copa Santander Libertadores.

    Success doesn't come without practice, so it pays to play through the extensive Training Challenge mode to familiarise yourself with the controls before the big kick-off. Put yourself through the paces by sharpening your dead-ball skills, as well as attacking and defensive techniques.

    Once you're ready, lace up your boots and dive into the big match. Whether it's a kick around in the major tournaments, creating your own leagues and cups or just a quick game, you can enjoy fun and fluid gameplay. Football in PES 2012 is a fast and physical game, where smooth passing and smart tactics earn you the supreme satisfaction of splitting your opponent's defence and smashing the ball into the back of the net.

    PES 2012 is all about realism without sacrificing the magic of spontaneity that makes the beautiful game so great. Goals come from lucky shots just as they can from outstanding build-up play. Each match is a thrilling clash of tactics and reactions, and you can choose how much computer-controlled assistance you want over your team.

    If you fancy a different challenge, there's also the chance to tackle PES 2012 from two refreshingly different angles - as a manager or as a single on-pitch player. By taking up the job of club manager in the Master League you can enjoy the intensity that comes with tactical decision making, squad selection, transfers and making sure your results please the board as well as the fans.

    You can also unlock Club Boss mode, which puts you in the chairman's seat with the aim of making as much money with your chosen team as possible. Ever wanted to be the person hiring and firing managers? Here's your chance.

    If you prefer being on the pitch, then you can Become a Legend, where you're tasked to create a player and guide him from professional debut to retirement. It's up to you to perform and prove yourself - otherwise you may be relegated to the bench and watch your career chances disappear within a mere 90 minutes.

    Both modes are wonderfully rewarding, whether you're dragging your bunch of no-hopers into the limelight of success or training to become the next Lionel Messi on the field. It's in your hands - and feet - so make every kick count.

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    Kick your friends into touch

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 on PlayStation 3 brings football fans together in a variety of ways. PES 2012 lets you create your own leagues and cups, form communities of friends, play quick matches and track match statistics to show the world you're the Pele of video game football.

    In this great social hub you can also watch highlights of matches uploaded to PlayStation Network by other players, using these as inspiration for your own performance.

    If you want a lengthy challenge, you can try the Master League Online, which puts you in charge of a single club with the aim of becoming the best PES 2012 player-manager in the world. Whether you choose to play or just manage, you have to sign players and rise up the global rankings table. The more matches you compete in, the more money you earn for the transfer kitty, so it pays to play.

    Each online mode is satisfying and great fun - and even if you're just viewing a match, the excellent graphics of the game make it a joy to watch. PES 2012 is a football festival of fun - be sure to show your colours and sing when you're winning.

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