Operation Flashpoint: Red River

  • PS3

Stand and fight together with the US Marines on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Codemasters
  • Developer: Codemasters Action Studio
    Operation Flashpoint: Red River screenshot
    • This is the closest you can get to being in the US Marines without signing up.
    • Hit the battlefield as a Grenadier, Scout, Rifleman or Automatic Rifleman in a hardened Marine Fireteam.
    • Fight with online friends via PlayStation Network in the four player drop-in, drop-out co-operative campaign mode.
    Operation Flashpoint: Red River screenshot

    Desert storm

    Operation Flashpoint: Red River on PlayStation 3 is a first person shooter that takes place in the year 2013 in Central Asia. The game revolves around a fictional conflict that ignites a bloody civil war in the region. With the bloodshed comes the arrival of the United States Marine Corp and their attempts to put a stop to it.

    The arrival of the US Marine Corp quickly arouses the suspicion of the People's Liberation Army in neighbouring China, who order the Marines to leave. They refuse, and the world's most deadly military flashpoint erupts in the mountainous, landlocked territory.

    This is where you come in. You and your squad can make a difference amidst the bullets, explosions and chaos. How much of a difference is up to you, and how smart you are on the battlefield when things get frantic. In Operation Flashpoint: Red River, everything is up to you.

    Operation Flashpoint: Red River screenshot

    Command and conquer

    Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a first person shooter with a difference. It's an extremely tactical game that requires you to plan ahead before making any and control your squad with precision to ensure their safety on the battlefield.

    With this in mind, it's wise to sit down and study the game manual before embarking on a mission - it will save your life, Marine. The most important tool in your arsenal is the Quick Command Radial (QCR). As the team leader you can call up the QCR at any point in the game and issue orders to your squad. These orders are broken down into Follow, Suppression, Tactics and Manoeuvre.

    Each of these feature sub-orders such as telling a squad member to follow a specific target, flank left, hold fire or protect a certain target on the map. Mastering the QCR and the weaponry at your disposal throughout the campaign is paramount to survival in Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

    Be sure to never rush into a firefight, it will most likely result in an instant death. Instead whenever you find yourself confronted with a target, press the R3 button to drop into a crouch, as this vastly improves your aim and chances of survival.

    Operation Flashpoint: Red River screenshot

    Stand together

    Operation Flashpoint: Red River on PlayStation 3 features a number of multiplayer modes for you to experience online via PlayStation Network. While the intriguing storyline of a fictionalised civil war in 2013 can be played through entirely on your own in single player mode, you can invite up to three of your friends to drop in and drop out at any point in the game's co-operative multiplayer mode.

    For the best experience when playing Operation Flashpoint: Red River, use your Wireless Headset to communicate with your friends. It allows you to issue commands much quicker, especially when things become a little tougher in the later missions.

    There are also a number of other co-operative multiplayer modes for you to sink your teeth into once you have completed the campaign mode. The first is Last Stand, where the goal for you and your squad is to protect a certain area on the map from an influx of attacks. In Rolling Thunder, you are tasked with guarding a convoy of vehicles from enemy troops and artillery.

    Combat Search and Rescue sees you work together to battle your way behind enemy lines and rescue survivors. Lastly, Combat Sweep comes with a simple objective - clear out all enemy compounds on the map.

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