NBA Street Vol. 2

Fast, funky, and packed to the rafters with new features, EA's hoop-shooting adventure returns to the PS2 with a B-ball-tastic sequel

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: NuFX

    Fans of the original NBA Street will no doubt be waiting in eager anticipation to get their mitts on another essential slice of basketball action, and with Street 2, all the eye-poppingly spectacular moves are here, complete with shiny graphics and enhanced gameplay. For those unfamiliar with the first edition, NBA Street combines urban cool with mad moves in EA Sports BIG's own inimitable colourful, vibrant environments. The gameplay is basically unaltered, with arcade-style three-on-three ballgames on offer, as well as various modes, including two detailed career-based modes: NBA Challenge and Be a Legend.

    The enormously playable first edition, NBA Street (released for the PS2 back in 2001) put a whole new spin on basketball games, giving the genre a welcome shot of humour, and Street 2 continues this tradition admirably. The customisable mode, Create a Baller, allows you to design your own ker-azy character, and the fully paid-up NBA licence means that there's a veritable basketball hall of fame available to choose from. From contemporary players to old school heroes, the jam-packed roster features more than 150 NBA stars of past and present. Take your pick from sporting luminaries such as Jerry West, George "Iceman" Gervin, "Pistol" Pete Maravich and Magic Johnson to name but a few.

    The nigh-on perfect controls of the first game remain essentially unaltered, with pass, tackle, dribble and shoot boosted by the use of the left and right shoulder buttons for pulling off pleasingly outlandish specials. Familiar moves, such as 'alley oops', make a welcome return - and nifty new moves including 'Off the Heezay' and 'Be the Oop' make their debut. Indeed.

    The cooler, or 'flyer' your moves, the more your boost meter gets topped up. Once you've filled it completely, you'll be rewarded with a 'Gamebreaker', which will let you slam it home in spectacular style.

    Overflowing with extras, NBA Street Vol 2 offers up a wealth of unlocks on completion of the career modes, with additional outfits, characters and courts all there for the erm, unlocking. If you're the discerning sort and bought NBA Street, this should be a welcome addition to your gaming collection, but if you missed out the first time, then this is an absolute must-own title. Crammed with smart moves, gorgeous graphics, and immaculate gameplay, Street 2 is a worthy successor to the excellent original.


    • New four-player mode means you can battle it out with three other mates

    • Amazing, showstopping special moves, including alley oops and the all-new 'Be the Oop'

    • Play as contemporary NBA stars or old school ballers


    • Players

      1-2 Players

    • Player Types

      1-2 Player Types


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