Mortal Kombat

  • Also on PS3

The complete Mortal Kombat handheld experience debuts on PS Vita.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: NetherRealm Studios
  • Also on PS3
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  • Take the merciless competition from your living room to the streets and fight anywhere, any time on PS Vita.
  • Battle through the Story mode and experience all of the downloadable characters and content from the 2011 PlayStation 3 hit.
  • Put your fighting skills to the test with a friend via PlayStation Network or local Ad Hoc Mode multiplayer.
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Mortal mayhem

Incredible worlds, magical powers and bone-crunching action - it can only be Mortal Kombat. Making its PlayStation Vita debut, this brutal beat 'em up brings the impressive look and style of the PlayStation 3 version, with the handy ability to play it wherever you go thanks to the PS Vita system's portability. The result is a blistering bruiser that packs a punch.

Delivering intense action for adults, this NetherRealm Studios fighter looks the part with impressively fast and detailed visuals. Each character moves smoothly, while the vibrant backgrounds are full of life as crowds cheer, horrific trees look on and three-headed beasts snarl.

Mortal Kombat on PS Vita doesn't just pack a punch visually - there are an incredible variety of modes to sink your teeth into as well. You can fight in regular one-on-one matches, tag team ups, a lengthy story mode, multiplayer bouts and an impressive batch of bonus games in the Challenge Tower modes, including a great range of mini-games unique to the PlayStation Vita version.

Can you tilt the PS Vita system correctly in Test Your Balance and save your fighter from a gruesome demise? And do you have the accuracy to swipe through heads on the touchscreen in Test Your Slice? These are just a couple of the dozens of different fighting styles you can play. And if you need a break, take a spooky stroll to the Krypt and unlock music, galleries and even finishing moves for the characters.

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Complete character combat

Mortal Kombat on PlayStation Vita delivers an unmissable experience for any Mortal Kombat fan, offering a staggering 32 characters. Everything that was in the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on PlayStation 3 is available here - which means the downloadable characters of Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain and horror movie icon Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street are all available to play as from the start.

This frightening cast is joined by some classic combatants, such as the arrogant Johnny Cage, thunder god Raiden and fan favourite Scorpion. You can also choose to brawl as PlayStation exclusive character Kratos, the powerful conqueror of the God of War series.

The jewel in Mortal Kombat's character-driven crown is its Story mode, which ties many of the previous games in the series together into an engaging tale. Letting you play as a variety of the fighters, the Story mode is a delight for fans and newcomers alike, featuring plenty of drama and action between bouts.

If you want to take a deeper look into the many characters of Mortal Kombat, the Krypt area holds biographies for each, as well as statistics on how well you fight with that particular brawler.

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In Mortal peril

It's a battle to the gruesome end - and you're on centre stage. Mortal Kombat on PlayStation Vita brings together a killer combo of great gameplay and portability for a fantastic fighting experience.

Prepare yourself for Kombat in the Training modes which teach you the basics on how to defend yourself, attack and execute finishing moves using the touchscreen. When you're ready to step into the arena, take your pick from over 12 different ways to play, each designed to test your skills to the limit.

The fast gameplay and wide range of moves for each character makes for thrilling fights, where mastering combinations can lead to well-earned victory. It may look brutal, yet battles in Mortal Kombat are always fair, allowing you to enjoy intricate bouts that are spectacular to watch.

Among the most entertaining moments in this title are the mini-games which use the PlayStation Vita system's features. The Bonus Challenge Tower has you swiping the screen to restore your view and gain health during a fight, shaking the PS Vita system to rain items on the arena and performing other imaginative actions as you play.

Inventive and rewarding, there are hundreds of challenges to tackle, and they add even more variety to an already rich game. Fight on.

Mortal Kombat PSVita screenshot

Beat your mates to the punch

Prove you're the true Mortal Kombat champion on PlayStation Vita by battling your friends either locally or online via PlayStation Network. Setting up fights is easy thanks to the clear menu screens, and you can quickly jump into the slick action.

Do you fancy going one-on-one against a friend in a single match? Or maybe you want to pick two characters each for a tag team bout? Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy the same excellent gameplay as the single player modes, with the added ability to show off your wins on the global leader board. You can also use the PS Vita system's built-in microphone to spice up your fights with a little friendly voice chat.

Don't forget to use the Challenge Towers to help build up your skills - and if you want to make your training sessions even more unique, here's a top tip: in the Practice modes, go to the Arena select screen and press the L button and R button at the same time. You'll hear Shao Kahn laugh, meaning you've activated an augmented reality mode. Now whatever the PS Vita system's rear camera points at becomes the fighting background while you duel. Combine this with the record button in the menu screen to create some hilarious Mortal Kombat battles to enjoy and play back whenever you want.

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