MLB® 13 The Show™

  • Also on PS3

Take the thrill of Major League Baseball with you wherever you go.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCE San Diego Studio
  • Also on PS3
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  • Fast-track to the World Series and take your shot at championship glory in the Post Season Mode.
  • Play matches boasting the very latest news and line-ups, updated from in The Show Live.
  • Take to the field against PS3 gamers for wild Home Run Derby showdowns online through Cross- Play.
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Take me out to the ball game

Baseball doesn't get any bigger than MLB 13 The Show on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Pitching you into a glossy, realistic TV broadcast presentation, MLB 13 The Show impresses straight off the bat. Players and teams from the real world of Major League Baseball are all warming up to play just for you, complete with their individual batting and pitching styles.

So if you're a fan of America's favourite pastime, you'll easily pick out Johnny Cueto's distinctive wind-up and the overhead slugging style of Jose Bautista.

Even if you're not familiar with this exciting, passionate sport, there's plenty here to get you into the swing of things. The tutorial system gives you comprehensive instructions on how to play, strategies and a guide to key baseball terminology. You'll get advice on how to pitch against strong batters, how to bat against tricky pitchers and how to perform well in other aspects of the game such as fielding and stealing bases.

The slick commentary team also delivers seamless play-by-plays of the on-screen action. Listen to their wise words and you can improve your game by reacting to their experienced observations. Be sure to create a highlight reel from your game as well to help pick out your weak points.

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In a league of its own

Need an addictive and uncompromised blast of baseball on the go? MLB 13 The Show on PlayStation Vita knocks it out of the park to deliver an exhilarating baseball experience you won't be able to put down. Featuring 30 teams - from the big pitching Philadelphia Phillies to the ball slugging Detroit Tigers - and a variety of styles to play such as the full season and Postseason knockout modes, you have plenty of choice to get things running from the home plate.

Jump into batting and pitching training or the Exhibition mode to get a feel for your swing and throwing arm. A strategy guide is available in-game to understand the basics and offer tips on how to improve your performance, so don't be afraid to start gently. MLB 13 The Show features a dynamic difficulty level which gradually increases the better you get, so even if you're new to baseball you'll instantly feel like a big hitter.

If you fancy a more challenging way to play, you can use the dual analog sticks to bat and pitch, and the rear touch pad for baserunning and fielding pick offs. Keep your eyes on the guess indicators to work out where the ball is going or the best place to pitch it. Judgement, timing, tactics and psychology are key to winning any game, and MLB 13 The Show gives you all the right tools to create a field of dreams of your own making.

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Extra innings

Grab some mates and batter up - MLB 13 The Show hits a breathtaking home run when it comes to entertaining multiplayer modes. Warm up first with some batting and pitching drills, before entering the Road to the Show, to create your own player and work your way up from the minor leagues.

Still not quite ready to join a big stakes game with your friends? Then enter the Home Run Derby, which lets you and up to seven buddies compete to see who can slam the ball over the fence the most. With online Cross-Play you can take on all comers at the same time on both PS3 and PS Vita.

When you want to enter a larger contest of skills and wits, you can customise your own League for up to 29 players and battle it out for a shot at the World Series. Take advantage of The Show Live for exhibition matches which download game match-up and roster feeds from, to ensure you stay up to date with the latest goings on in the world of baseball.

You can go even bigger with the massive Diamond Dynasty 2.0 mode on PS3, which challenges you to design your own dream teams from scratch, train the players, go online and begin on your path to total sports domination across the globe. The world is waiting, slugger... time to take your shot at glory.

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