Men In Black™: Alien Crisis

  • PS3

It's your turn to suit up as the newest MIB recruit and eliminate the scum of the universe.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Fun Labs
    Men In Black Alien Crisis screenshot
    • Dodge and take cover as you battle hostile aliens in this action-packed shooter.
    • Obtain vital intelligence by examining locations and questioning suspects.
    • Wield a full arsenal of official MIB weaponry from the Noisy Cricket to the Deatomizer and select from a full array of awesome firepower modes such as Freeze Ray and Anti-Gravity Grenade.
    • Challenge your friends and family to competitive split screen 2-player or up to 4-player hot seat action.

    Galaxy defenders

    Accompanying the release of Men In Black 3 in cinemas, Men in Black: Alien Crisis is a new adventure that follows the story of MIB rookie, Peter Delacoeur - or Agent P. Staying true to the alien-busting series, Men in Black: Alien Crisis is packed with explosive action and light-hearted dialogue.

    The game thrusts you onto the streets of New York City which are overrun with intergalactic baddies. Overturned cars, burning fires and the sound of gunshots are clear indicators that these aliens haven't come to Earth on a peace mission.

    Huge weapons and explosives are your best friend now as you take to the dark streets and dangerous skies to track down your alien foes. The task in hand is pretty important, but you can always rely on Agent P to deliver a comical line, even in the most heated of moments.

    A few key faces from the Men In Back series make an appearance, including the much-loved Agent F, an alien cunningly disguised as a pet pug - he'll be at your side to offer advice, tips and a few sarcastic comments along the way.

    Are you ready? Straighten your tie, put on your sunglasses and prepare to defend the planet on PlayStation 3 with interrogations, high-speed chases and intense battles.

    Back in black

    Men in Black: Alien Crisis on PlayStation 3 puts you in control of new MIB recruit, Agent P, as he joins the impeccably dressed alien hunters on another mission to save the planet from the threat of extraterrestrial life.

    Hundreds of obscure beings have already landed on Earth, and it's your job to take them out with a range of futuristic weapons. Duck and dodge behind cars and walls as you wait for your snarling prey to appear - then launch your attack. Once you've wiped out a group of Worm Aliens or Adorian Elites, you can set about making sure the public are none the wiser to the destruction - and what better way to do that than trapping them in a bubble for a few minutes? Once inside their transparent, floating shell, innocent humans will have no recollection of the havoc being wreaked around them.

    A colossal alien boss for you to challenge awaits at the end of every level. While some can leap between buildings and destroy vehicles and with the smash of a fist, others appear as evil plant life, firmly rooted to the ground but just as powerful and dangerous. In these frantic moments of action, you'll need to pick your weapon carefully. Choose from a range of guns, including the impressive, bulky deatomizer, the huge tri-barrel plasma gun and the noisy cricket. Fans of the series will remember the latter from the first film, when Will Smith famously caused mayhem in the MIB headquarters with the deceptively powerful firearm.

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