Malicious Rebirth

Inhabit the Spirit Vessel on PlayStation®Vita

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: ALVION Inc.
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    • Enjoy the signature combat of Malicious – now on PS Vita, complete with an action-packed new chapter.
    • Battle waves of brutal minions before facing the Keepers of the Power – giant opponents who stand between you and the evil force that brings disaster to the world.
    • Perform combos and link special moves to form chains as you build the Spirit Vessel’s aura to unleash devastating attacks.


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    Demon days

    Malicious Rebirth on PlayStation Vita pitches you into an age-old battle between humanity and the dreaded Malicious, a demonic horde bent on destruction. You play a spirit summoned by the mysterious Prophets; your job is to possess a human "Vessel" and wage war on the monsters threatening to overwhelm the world. Unfortunately, these fiends aren't your only enemy...

    Centuries ago, the Prophets bestowed great powers upon the Mad Queen in return for protection from the Malicious - only for her to betray their trust. Now she and her bloodthirsty followers stand between you and the power you'll need to defeat the demon armies.

    Malicious Rebirth takes the core plot of PlayStation 3 hit Malicious and reworks it brilliantly for PS Vita. All the fantastic colour and wild characters of the original are present, alongside a host of all-new environments and insane additional bosses to test your combat skills. The amped-up story is as epic and exciting as the battles themselves, and the suspense is sky-high from the outset. After all, you never know what awe-inspiring foe is lurking around the corner...

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    Spirited away

    From bold, brightly coloured battle arenas teeming with enemies, to the silky smooth movements and bone-crunching attacks of your Spirit Vessel, Malicious Rebirth looks and feels sensational. Manga-style characters are richly imagined and brilliantly realised, and the combat effects are spectacular, with sorcerous projectile attacks and devastating aerial combos releasing glittering clouds of energy.

    With a sharp, suspenseful soundtrack, every mad dash and dazzling combo is turned into a moment of tense, edge-of-the-seat exhilaration. Boss monsters are accompanied by terrifying sound effects as they lumber into life and launch their insanely powerful assaults, while your own blows rain down on enemies with incredible impact. The result is that the excitement is ramped up to extraordinary levels, and the combat becomes more brutal than ever.

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    Fighting spirit

    The action in Malicious Rebirth takes an inspired, non-linear structure, allowing you to choose your own path through the game. The result is an explosive combat experience that's equally suited to long play or bite-sized sessions.

    Each stage features a monstrous demon and dozens of its evil minions, all of which desire to see you obliterated; your goal is to destroy them before they destroy you. And don't hang about, because after 30 minutes the magical link between Spirit and Vessel is severed, and you'll be yanked back to the astral plane with nothing to show for your efforts.

    The key to both success and survival lies in close observation of each stage and its enemy overlord. The demon bosses are titanic in scale, terrifying in ferocity and very resilient. Nimble feet and superhuman agility will help you evade their onslaughts, but only by cleverly negotiating the environment and mastering all the available weapons will you be able to find their individual weak spots and send them howling back to hell.

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