Madden NFL 2005

Still fighting fit in its fifteenth year, the daddy of all American football sims touches down on PS2 again.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts

    Now in its fifteenth year, and with a staggering 37 million units shifted, EA's Madden NFL franchise is a veritable institution - so much so, it's the only videogame to be displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This latest update brings with it a wealth of new features, including the innovative 'Hit Stick', which promises to revolutionise the game's defensive play.

    Using the right analog stick, players can now deliver bone-crunching tackles on the opposition which, if timed correctly, can cause that vital fumble that reverses teams' fortunes on the pitch. To further ramp up the game's defensive system, there are also all new Defensive Playmaker controls for defensive situations such as receiver jams and blitzes.

    While there's a wealth of game modes to keep you busy, the main event as always is Franchise mode, which this year boasts unrivalled depth. A new in-season progression system means immediate rewards for your work on the pitch, while other enhancements allow to you to name your captain, sign away restricted free agents and more besides. Even the presentation has been overhauled; using the new 'Storyline Central' feature, you can keep tabs on your team via local and national newspapers and a weekly radio show hosted by Tony Bruno.

    On the pitch, you'll notice dozens of graphical improvements to players and stadiums alike, with hundreds of new animations, incredible lighting effects, dynamic weather and more besides.


    • New 'Hit Stick' system - use the right analog stick to execute huge, bone-crunching tackles

    • Storyline Central - Franchise mode gets more compelling, with a radio show, newspaper reports and more besides

    • Improved graphics - hundreds of new animations, beautiful lighting effects and higher levels of detail in stadiums


    • Players

      1-2 Players


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