Reach for the moon

Lose yourself in a fairytale world filled with puzzles, mystery and magical characters - powered by PS VR.



  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
  • Publisher: Funomena
  • Developer: Funomena

    Game overview

    Step into a captivating and creative world filled with sounds, sensations and strange stories.

    Embark on a quest to heal the world in an interactive folk tale-inspired adventure from Robin Hunicke, the co-creator of Journey.

    Take on the role of 'Bird' - a misled innocent who awakes in a strange land with no memory of their past - and embark on a journey to heal the world. 

    Untangle celestial puzzles, create miniature musical worlds and restore the mystical land with the power of the moon. Along the way, you’ll discover hidden creatures and other surprises as you tend the forest back to life.

    New to the PS4 release, Luna’s 'Storybook Update' adds narration to Bird’s journey, adding further depth to this unique interactive fable.


    Key features

    Discover hidden sensations

    Using the tactility of PlayStation Move, feel and touch the wonders of Luna’s world or, using the DualShock 4 controller, experiment with soothing gestures. Whether you're petting the fauna or planting flowers, magical sensations await.

    A unique musical world

    Each object in Luna’s world is part of an interactive soundscape. Play the constellations and gardens like musical instruments and accompany Austin Wintory’s enchanting score.

    Follow an enigmatic tale

    Discover the emotional backstory of Bird’s journey through the encouraging words of the narrator and discover that each difficulty we face is an opportunity for growth.

    Unscramble Bird’s memory

    Restore the path in the stars to heal the spellbinding forest to discover your way home, healing your memory as you learn to let go of past mistakes. 


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