Invizimals™: Shadow Zone

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Return to the amazing world of the Invizimals.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Family / Fighting / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Novarama
    • Includes over 100 new Invizimals to hunt down using the PSP Camera: you can  now modify your Invizimals by changing their names, colours and choosing from a greater range of attacking moves.
    • Enjoy a new campaign that will take you across the globe with new capture moves and special attacks.
    • Brand new co-operative capture mode allowing two players to hunt down monsters together.
    Invizimals Shadow Zone Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    Beasts of myth and legend

    Invizimals: Shadow Zone begins its story in the sun-drenched splendour of Barcelona, where you meet up with your old friends Keni, Doctor Dawson and Jazmin, before criss-crossing the globe on the trail of the Invizimals, the tiny creatures that can only be seen using the power of PSP. Tracking down 100 new Invizimals and discovering their impact upon history is no easy task, yet fans and newcomers alike will quickly be drawn into this tale of international intrigue. 

    Imagine if some of the most famous artists the world has ever known were struck not by inspiration, but by the sight of the weird and wonderful Invizimals. And what if ghost stories and tales of mythical beasts were actually nothing more than confused accounts of these creatures? That’s the question Invizimals: Shadow Zone poses, and by attaching the PSP Camera to your PSP, you’ll be able to answer it in this brand new adventure. 

    Invizimals Shadow Zone Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    Caught in a trap

    Every copy of Invizimals: Shadow Zone on Universal Media Disc includes a special trap, which you use along with the PSP Camera to snare unsuspecting Invizimals. By carefully scanning your surroundings with the PSP Camera, you’ll find Invizimals quietly wandering across flat surfaces, like the floor or a tabletop, unaware that you are about to fix them with your trap and attempt to capture them. With your own reality forming Invizimals: Shadow Zone’s backdrop, you’ll feel as though you really are surrounded by these strange little animals.

    Spotting an Invizimal is only the first part of the process, for once you’ve found one you must quickly place the trap over it then aim the PSP Camera straight at it to lock it in place. Of course, it won’t be happy at being caught and will try to escape, so you’ll need to watch it carefully to figure out its pattern of attack, then quickly perform a special capture move to stun it and trap it for good. It’s a game within a game, where quick wits are as important as lightning reflexes in catching each Invizimal. Prove too slow in thought or action, and your target will escape – and the hunt must begin all over again.  

    If you're worried you'll wear your trap out on the trail of the Invizimals, you can print your own at Once you’ve mastered the art of tracking and trapping, you can put your Invizimals to work on your expedition around the world.

    Invizimals Shadow Zone Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    All around the world

    Thanks to cut-scenes depicting real life locations and your own surroundings appearing on-screen via the PSP Camera, Invizimals: Shadow Zone feels alive with real world possibilities. Missions take you all over the planet in the blink of an eye – European culture one second, the jungles of Central America the next – so, for younger gamers, there’s an educational element to go with the fresh approach. The aim is to explore far flung corners of the globe on the trail of the ancient Invizimals of mythology, taking part in tournaments that pit your Invizimals against those of other hunters in a bid to rise through the ranks of the Alliance (the new international network of Invizimals hunters).

    As you make a name for yourself in the Alliance, you gain access to new privileges and rewards that help you with your quest. But first you must master the art of Invizimals battle, and the four types of attacks available to you: medium, strong, fast and powerful vector attacks. A well fought encounter is one which uses a good balance of all four attacks along with careful blocking. This might see you soften up an enemy with a quick combination of medium and fast strikes, before finishing them off with the earthquake vector attack, which has you shaking your PSP to simulate the ground splitting apart.

    As you win skirmishes you gain Watts, the experience points which enhance your Invizimals. Amass enough Watts and you’ll have a mighty army of Invizimals ready to sweep you up through the Alliance rankings, and along on your journey of discovery. 

    Invizimals Shadow Zone Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    Four eyes are better than two

    Having trouble snaring all of the Invizimals? Then call up a second pair of eyes. Invizimals: Shadow Zone’s brand new cooperative Ad Hoc Mode lets you and a nearby friend combine PSP systems to track down Invizimals together. It’s a great example of how two people can help each other to improve their experiences.

    If you prefer to take the lone wolf approach, you can still meet up with other players to compare Invizimals collections, trading Sparks (the in-game currency) or even some of your weaker Invizimals for the rarer creatures. It’s a way of making sure you don’t get stuck trying to track down that elusive mini-monster, and you can spend the Sparks earned on new power-ups and stamina packs. Plus you can build your own online community by setting up an Invizimals Club.

    Online duelling, against other players from around the world, is yet another option in a game packed to the rafters with variety. Whether you want to explore or battle, trade or compare, Invizimals: Shadow Zone has something for everyone. Join the Alliance now!

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