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Hardware™: Rivals

  • PS4
PlayStation Plus required for online play
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEE

    Tracks vs tyres

    Rival vs rival

    Game characters

    Tracks vs tyres

    Rival vs rival

    Hunt down your opponents in an armoured tank or pursue them at speed in a Fast Attack Vehicle. Enter the fray in an all-terrain battle-fest of online multiplayer action.

    Plough through a range of unique combat arenas, claiming bounties, completing Challenges and wreaking terrible vengeance upon old adversaries. With a range of upgrades to unlock as you progress, multiple battle modes and regular community events, there will always be a chance to settle the score.




    • 1080p


    • Players

      1 Players

    • Network Players

      2-10 Network Players

    • Network Features

      Network Features


    Tour de force

    Explosive arenas

    Take the destruction on tour to four arena locations designed and built for maximum mayhem and all-out tactical action.

    • Blister Lake is a vast, sprawling haven for long range weapons and guided missiles – you’ll find cover if you stick to the edges, but players brave enough to venture inwards will bag the best weapons and most kills.
    • The Lost Temple is easy to navigate but tough to dominate; the best weapons are tricky to reach – and the Temple is a great hit-and-run hunting ground.
    • Jackson’s Pit is all about tight turns, providing plenty of cover and opportunities for close-quarters combat – rockets and bombs are your friend when you’re in the pit.
    • Outpost 92 spreads the battle across a handful of battle areas, each offering plenty of cover around an immense deep core drill – but beware what has been uncovered in the icy depths…

    Roll out

    Destructive vehicles

    Pick a vehicle to suit your style: Tanks are heavily armoured war machines that pack a hefty punch, while F.A.Vs are quick and nimble with a turret-mounted machine gun.


    Prepare for battle

    Game modes

    Hardware: Rivals pits you against other rolling machines of destruction in a series of arena battles, each with their own rules and tactics.

    • Attrition is a free-for-all deathmatch where only one winner will top the scoreboard.
    • Team Deathmatch splits the road warriors onto two sides for a battle decided on team tactics.
    • Team Domination requires teamwork and organisation to secure and hold each of the three zones dotted around the arena.
    • Team Elimination throws you into last-man-standing rounds – the first team to win three rounds takes the glory.

    Meet the challenge head-on

    Each arena is packed with challenges that will call on your skills as a driver and a road warrior to complete.

    You could be racing from point to point to log the fastest time, or flexing your explosive muscle and chalking up the kills as you stalk an arena.

    Whatever challenge you tackle, your score will be logged on the leader boards for your PSN friends to beat.


    A price on your head


    Want to earn an extra bonus?

    As you spend more time in the arenas and build up rivalries against other players, you could be assigned a bounty target to hunt down and destroy to earn the additional points on offer.

    But be wary… you’ll also be someone else’s bounty.

    Talking tactics

    Join the community

    Get the lowdown on Hardware Rivals tactics, tips and team talk at the official PlayStation forum.


    Take an arena tour…

    Videos and screenshots


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