God of War – videos and screens

Seeing is believing – immerse yourself in a new world of deadly deities and demons. 

Triangle Circle Shapes
Square Cross Shapes

A legendary tale

Discover the deeply personal reasons why Kratos and Atreus set out into the brutal Norse wilds - and the life-threatening dangers they meet on the way. 


Kratos returns

Experience the intensity and emotion of God of War's incredible E3 2016 reveal.


Vicious action

Prepare yourself for intense new combat, where you feel the impact of every attack – but be sure not to neglect the quick strategic decisions you’ll be forced to make in the melee... 


An epic quest

Witness the perils and pitfalls that await Kratos and Atreus’ in this stunning trailer.


The art of war

Screenshot gallery


A vision of the future

God of War concept art

Envelop yourself within the spellbinding artwork used in the creation of Santa Monica Studios’ epic action adventure. Pay close attention – some of it may prepare you for the trials that lay ahead in Kratos and Atreus’ quest…