Ferrari The Race Experience

  • PS3

Live racing, breathe racing, drive Ferrari!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: System3
  • Developer: Eutechnyx
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    • Drive the stunning new 458 Italia, the Ferrari 599XX and over 30 other officially licensed cars.
    • Choose from 17 racetracks including brand new additions such as the Riviera street circuit and the ultra cool Fiorano test track.
    • All new Career mode incorporating three racing classes: GT Road Cars, GT Race Cars and Classic Cars.
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    Power, pace, precision

    Ferrari The Race Experience is a racing fan’s dream come true, featuring over 30 cars from the most famous production line in the world and a host of races and special events that will test your skill behind the wheel to the limit. It's available to download now from PlayStation Store. 

    Whether it’s the monstrous power of the F50 GT, the electrifying acceleration of the FXX or the priceless style of the 250 GTO, there’s something for Ferrari fans old and new here. Thanks to unparalleled access to Ferrari’s celebrated Maranello factory, Ferrari The Race Experience features a selection of some of the world’s rarest and most evocative supercars, from the vintage, such as the 250 Testa Rossa; to the contemporary, like 2009’s sleek 458 Italia. Over half a century of motoring history is recreated in supreme detail.

    There’s a circuit to challenge every aspect of driving these cars. The sweeping banked curves of the North American tracks catapult you into high-speed straights designed to let Ferrari’s famous Prancing Horse really stretch its legs, while tracks in Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and the UK are a mixture of tight hairpin bends, tricky chicane sections and exhilarating slipstreaming opportunities for overtaking.

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    Stick to the line

    Ferrari The Race Experience is the closest you can get to the feeling of throwing a 200mph supercar around a track without donning flameproof overalls. You and 15 other Ferrari drivers pack the starting grids of some of the most demanding tracks in the world, ready to ram the pedal the metal and launch in a cloud of tyre smoke.

    But before you go racing, a comprehensive tutorial teaches you how to squeeze every last drop of power from your illustrious ride. A special racing line indicator eases you into the routine of braking and accelerating at just the right moments, with friendly advice offered by Fifth Gear presenter and former professional racing driver Tiff Needell. While the indicator glows green, you can continue to accelerate – but as the line dulls to amber then red, you must hit the brakes to ensure you don’t run out of road.

    Soon you will settle into the flow of one of the most realistic and challenging driving experiences around. You will quickly learn that in order to speed up, you must first slow down, so that you can then develop a rhythm of subtle braking, smooth steering and gradual acceleration, all soundtracked by that glorious Ferrari roar.

    Ferrari The Race Experience’s Career Mode is split into three segments. GT Race features Ferraris tweaked and tuned to perfection to let you experience the adrenaline rush of pure racing, while Road GT puts you in the driving seat of stunning road cars fresh off the production line. Finally, Classics brings some of Ferrari’s most cherished vintage machines together on the racetrack. As you win events you gain cash to spend on new Ferraris – and as your confidence grows, you can switch off driver aids like assisted braking and traction control for bigger rewards and an even more thrilling drive.

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    A festival of speed

    Once you’ve outwitted the impressive computer-controlled opposition in the main game, it’s time to put your skill and nerve to the ultimate test – a race against competitive opponents. Racing is supported for up to 16 players, either on PlayStation Network or via LAN (Local Area Network), and you can decide how realistic you want the action to be. To ramp up the stakes, switch all the driver aids off so that you and your friends are truly driving by the seat of your pants.

    Before lining up on the grid, you might want to head to the Showroom menu to customise your Ferrari. A huge range of options is available to you to help you create a car truly unique to you. Paint schemes come in metallic, pearlescent, gloss and matt options, and an impressive list of hundreds of vinyl decals lets you add a personal finishing touch.

    With a detailed real-time damage model ready to punish you if make even the smallest mistake, you must stay focused from green light to chequered flag to ensure your handiwork isn’t ruined. In the ultra-competitive online world of Ferrari The Race Experience, there is no margin for error. Download Ferrari The Race Experience from PlayStation Store now and start your engines…

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