Family Guy™ Back To The Multiverse

  • PS3

Join the Griffin family and friends in an all-new story based on the popular “Road to the Multiverse” episode.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Heavy Iron Studios
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    • Battle through Multiverse themed levels as either Stewie or Brian, each with unique abilities and weapons.
    • Track down Stewie’s evil twin, Bertram, who has returned and is hell-bent on destroying Quahog.
    • Team up for co-operative multiplayer modes or compete against each other via PlayStation Network.
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    Universal soldier

    Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse lets you step into the madcap hit TV show, taking control of star characters Stewie and Brian as they try to save the world from Stewie’s deranged, dimension-hopping half-brother, Bertram.

    The game’s plot is a spin-off from an episode of the show, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, in which Stewie is forced to kill the evil Bertram in order to prevent the unravelling of time itself. The episode was lauded as an instant classic, and the game continues along the same hilarious lines, with a new Bertram arriving from a parallel universe, intent on destroying Stewie once and for all. This time, his methods are madder and more monstrous than ever.

    The twitchy megalomaniac has built a multiverse remote control that allows him to skip between universes, duping the bizarre inhabitants of each into joining his war against Stewie. Now Stewie and Brian have to stop Bertram, even if that involves arming themselves to the teeth and launching an all-out attack against alien chickens, bloodthirsty pirates and a community of ridiculously violent Amish. Fortunately, they have some pretty wild firepower to help them do the job.

    Family Guy Back To The Multiverse screenshot

    Loony toons

    Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse looks just like the TV show, with the characters and their wacky world brought to life so cleverly that, even in 3D, all the cartoon’s visual flavour remains stunningly intact. From the rapid-fire action of the game’s foe-filled stages to the many hilarious cutscenes that pop up during the adventure, everything here is incredibly faithful to the source material: it really does feel like you’re actually playing an episode of Family Guy.

    One of the joys of the game is recognising famous elements of the show on-screen – and of course, the incredible absurdity of it all is even more enjoyable when you’re in control, blasting insane enemies left, right and centre.

    The sound is superb too, with a brilliant original script by the show’s creators and voice acting by its world-renowned cast. The plot is inspired and the gags are laugh-out-loud brilliant, ensuring that the game is as crammed with comedy as it is with high-octane action.

    Family Guy Back To The Multiverse screenshot

    Family affair

    As well as stepping into the shoes of acid-tongued baby Stewie and wisecracking dog Brian, all your other favourite Family Guy characters are present and correct, from hapless dad Peter to embarrassing mum Lois – and of course, when the oddball Griffin family appear, a caustically funny gag or side-splitting situation is never far behind.

    Some of the comic moments you’ll recognise from the best-loved bits of the TV show; still more are brand new – and every bit as surreal and extreme as you’d expect, springing as they do from the pens of the show’s creators.

    During their travels through a thrillingly weird bunch of parallel universes, Stewie and Brian also stumble across a host of superb supporting characters, from giant chickens bent on their annihilation to wheelchair-bound psychos with a lust for destruction. And the action is so over-the-top and outrageous, you’ll be giggling as you go.

    Family Guy Back To The Multiverse screenshot

    Feel the farce

    The action in Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse is outrageous from the outset, as you hop between universes on Bertram’s trail, fighting off hordes of his marauding minions.

    The bad guys come in all shapes and sizes, but they share a single-minded desire to send Stewie and his long-suffering pal Brian hurtling headlong into oblivion. Thankfully, our unlikely heroes have access to a heap of crazy weaponry with which to turn the tables on their foes – each with its own strengths and strategic demands. Some of your enemies will quiver before a blast from Stewie’s flamethrower or laser gun; others are more vulnerable to Brian’s pistol or shotgun. It’s up to you to decide which character and weapon is best suited to the battle at hand, switching between them as you see fit

    Once defeated, most enemies leave cash to be collected – grab enough of it and you’ll be able to purchase new weapons and special outfits to aid you in the adventure ahead. Remember: you’ll need to upgrade your armoury if you’re to tackle some of the extreme boss characters that await…

    When you feel you’ve mastered the single player game, Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse also offers a series of quirky, funny challenges to test your wits (and your aim), while the fun really ramps up in the multiplayer modes, which allow you to co-operate or compete with up to three friends via split screen. Riotous, raucous and completely chaotic, it’s the perfect way to test your skills – and take the humour to crazy new heights.

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