EyeToy: Play 3

The EyeToy revolution continues with 12 brand new and totally crazy party games, and PlayRoom innovations for the whole family to enjoy!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEE

    The greatest party series around is back for another bout of intensely entertaining family fun and amazing EyeToy innovations, once again courtesy of SCEE London Studio. EyeToy: Play 3 is packed with 12 new and exciting games, stunningly inventive PlayRoom experiments, and a vastly enhanced multiplayer mode that now allows four players to battle it out simultaneously.

    Whether you want to play alone, or have a great time with your friends and family, EyeToy: Play 3 is guaranteed to get your bodies moving and the party started!

    EyeToy: Play 3's games are divided into four categories - Sport, Music, Action, and Party - and each one is crammed full of modes that you can enjoy alone or with multiple players. It's even possible for those not lucky enough to be in front of EyeToy to play a part in some games with your DualShock controllers, thanks to the new audience participation feature.

    Those 12 games in full:

    • VolleyBall - team up with a friend to take on your pals or computer-controlled teams

    • Bowling - aim to become 10-pin king against up to three friends

    • TouchDown - try to make it past an entire American Football team

    • DJ - attempt to keep up with the MC

    • Be The Band - play along to rock, blues, and cool funk tracks

    • Maestro - conduct crazy takes on classical music

    • Boot Camp - do as the sergeant says and tackle gruelling assault courses

    • Beauty Salon - become a professional beauty technician

    • Ghost Grab - punch and dodge the ghosts

    • Kitty Loves Me - compete to win the affections of a cat

    • Monkey Rampage - battle to see who can crush the most buildings

    • Athletics - compete in a variety of track and field events

    Throw in an innovative face mapping feature, and a host of new PlayRoom attractions to mess around with, and you're looking at the finest, most entertaining instalment of EyeToy: Play yet. Let the party begin!

    • Features 12 brand new games for up to four players to enjoy simultaneously

    • Explore new EyeToy frontiers in the PlayRoom

    • Now the audience can participate via the DualShock controllers

    • Each game features multiple bonus games or events

    • Engage in a variety of genres: Sport, Music, Party, and Action

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