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Climb into the driving seat of Lightning McQueen and the other automotive stars of the CGI blockbuster from Disney and Pixar.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Racing
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Rainbow Studios
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  • Story-based racing adventure game that relives all the key moments of the movie
  • More than 10 playable characters from the film
  • Authentic voice talent from the movie
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Race to the finish line in the game of this summer’s must-see family movie, "Cars".

Climb into the driving seat of Lightning McQueen and the other automotive stars of the new CGI blockbuster from Disney and Pixar, Cars.

Blaze your way around Radiator Springs and beyond, as you burn rubber and make new fender-bending friends in a variety of fast-paced racing games based on the movie.

The Story Mode sees you - as Lightning - challenging a group of nasty hot rods to a series of races to make them leave town. In addition, you can take on various Time Trials, Grand Prix challenges, a collect 'em up Postcard Rally and even create your very own Custom Race. As well as a fast pace and reactions you'll need to have your headlights open to spot the shortcuts.

There are more than 10 playable characters from the film. Each car has its own comic banter voiced by actors from the movie including Owen Wilson and Paul Newman. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and certain races require different skills such as Top Speed for the Desert Canyon Dash or Turning for Turbine Canyon so changing characters is not only fun, it's essential.

The races take place in various locations along Route 66, each with its own perils including dust devils, oil slicks, jumps and local residents that will help or hinder your progress. Using turbo boosts, hops and powerslides you'll win races and make Radiator Springs safe once more.

Once you get your tyres pointing in the right direction and start winning races you will unlock new cars, tracks, races, hilarious movie clips and trailers. You will also have the opportunity to beat boss cars and use them yourself.

When you start to feel like you're in cruise control, you can test your true skills with friends via the Ad Hoc Wireless multiplayer mode that allows you to race against another three people and drive for the chequered flag. It’s easy to join a Wireless game but hosting your own customised game can give you the advantage, so be warned.

Cars is a thoroughly entertaining game for all the family, combining slick, Pixar comedy and action from the movie, breakneck, arcade racing and a musical backdrop from the likes of Los Lobos, The Stray Cats and The Explosion. The perfect travel aid to make long journeys race by.
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