Deus Ex: Human Revolution™

  • PS3

Discover the world of tomorrow as you seek to unravel the truth behind a conspiracy that threatens to incite a new revolution.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Eidos Montreal
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    • Choose your path and create a unique experience as you decide how to approach any situation.
    • Acquire high grade augmentations that allow you to get a clear advantage.
    • Unravel a global conspiracy that will determine the fate of humanity's next evolution.
    • Download the exciting new expansion pack, The Missing Link, from PlayStation Store today.
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    In the not too distant future

    The year is 2027, 25 years before the events of the original Deus Ex on PlayStation 2 and the world is caught up in the whirlwind of a new and controversial trend - biomechanical augmentations.

    In Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PlayStation 3 you play as Adam Jensen, a former police officer turned private security guard for Sarif Industries, pioneers in performing human augmentations.

    After being caught up in a brutal attack on the company headquarters, Jensen is horrifically injured and left for dead by the biomechanical terrorists that storm the building and murder those closest to him.

    Jensen's only option for survival is simple: human augmentation. Upon surviving the procedure, Jensen's mission is to travel the world, visiting cities including Montreal and Shanghai in a bid to uncover the mystery behind the attack and expose those responsible for turning him into what he is - half man, half machine. This is where the conspiracy begins on PlayStation 3.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution screenshot

    The future looks like this

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution deals with themes of transhumanism, the desire to transform the human condition by developing technologies to eliminate the process of aging. In order to convey this message visually the team behind the game has developed a unique look and feel that employs aesthetics from both the Renaissance era and cyberpunk.

    For example, the technological advancements in the world you play in are represented by the Renaissance; characters in it that support augmentations wear clothing and live in homes that reflect a late medieval Italian style, but with the developer's own futuristic twist.

    There are also themes of conspiracy and much more that can be explored in great detail if you pick up a copy of either the Augmented Edition or Collector's Edition, which both feature a behind the scenes documentary that examines how the team at Eidos Montreal created this spellbinding world.

    Other additions to these special editions that fans of Deus Ex: Human Revolution are sure to love is a motion comic, an art book, collectable Adam Jensen figure and a whole host of in-game bonuses that add to the thrilling experience on PlayStation 3.

    Deus Ex Human Revolution screenshot

    Your world, your way

    In Deus Ex: Human Revolution on PlayStation 3 there are four pillars of gameplay. These are stealth, combat, hacking and social. Each gameplay type can be switched to at any point in the game depending on your preference of play.

    For example, you may find yourself in a room with a group of heavily armed guards and choose to either stealthily explore the environment to find a way around the guards, or engage in a firefight.

    In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, choice is everywhere, so spend a moment or two to examine your surroundings. There are always multiple solutions to the tasks that lie ahead in the futuristic thriller.

    Alongside the four gameplay types, augmentations play a pivotal role in your progress. Augmentations are technological modifications to your body that grant you superhuman abilities such as being able to fall from a great height without taking damage, move without making a sound or take control of security terminals to turn turret guns and robots on enemies.

    There are a vast number to choose from throughout the game, so select the ones you want to use wisely because chances are you will not get to experiment with every single one of them throughout the campaign.

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