Dare To Fly™

  • PS3

Meet the heroes of the sky.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Gameshastra
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    Help these daredevils on their flying machines and save their young ones from their winged enemies.

    • Sway, flail and flap your arms to help those birds fly using the PlayStation Move Motion controller.
    • Fly with four unique characters each with their own exclusive adventures.
    • Journey through treacherous cliffs, rapid rivers and ferocious volcanoes. 
    • Use power-ups such as gliders, jet packs and unicopters to fly further.
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    Flying high

    Some birds aren't meant to fly. Still, that doesn’t stop the stars of Dare to Fly when an Evil Eagle abducts their babies. When faced with this attack, our four adventurers take to the skies to rescue their kidnapped kin. To do this they are willing to throw caution, and themselves, to the wind. Using a massive catapult, the flightless fowl launch themselves skywards in an attempt to glide through the air and reclaim their chicks.

    Starting in Africa, the first hero to step into the oversized slingshot is Zulu the ostrich. After getting the better of the crocodiles and volcanoes of the sun-soaked savannah, the action moves to the frozen Frost, the penguin's Antarctic home, as the Eagle continues to bully his way around. Next is Rodrigue the rooster, who moves the action into the city, before Zerico the kiwi puts a stop to the bird-napping in the final set of escapades.

    Every bird brings its own twist, with increased agility and speed adding additional challenge to the progression. This is matched by the Eagle's growing campaign against our heroes, as he continues to up the dangers, creating more intricate and testing routes for them to manoeuvre on the way to victory.

    Dare To Fly screenshot

    Eagle eyed

    Dare to Fly has a comic art style, with cartoony representation of real environments; be it the heights of a skyscraper, or an icy subterranean cavern, the dangers that will be faced suit each area perfectly.

    Meeting each new challenge is a delight. High-rise buildings house vast ventilation fans that must be dodged whilst African rivers play host to crocodiles that will snap at you as you try to reach your babies who dangle just above them.

    Enemy birds also join the fray, as squadrons of allied birds of prey circle your targets, or come screeching towards you out of the clouds. If they hit, your bird will be stunned and sent in the wrong direction, while flying under them results in some less savoury attacks.

    Dare To Fly’s comedy world is masterful, with its humorous detail bringing a smile to your face at every turn. 

    Dare To Fly screenshot

    Up, up and away!

    There is something joyously tactile about launching each bird. Holding the L2 and R2 buttons, you must pull back your catapult using either a wireless controller or two PlayStation Move motion controllers.

    Once aloft, your flying aces must work hard to stay airborne. Tapping the L1 and R1 buttons, or flapping with PlayStation Move controllers, will give a little lift. Unfortunately, thanks to their underused wings, these inexperienced flight captains will quickly tire of flapping and plummet to the ground. This means extra tactics will be required to successfully make the goal.

    Thankfully there is plenty of help on hand. Floating through refreshing clouds  gives a bump to each bird’s stamina. This can also be supplemented with items from pedal-powered helicopters to rockets that shoot them forward at great speed.

    However you guide your heroes through each of the game’s 20 stages, or Quick Flap challenges, careful use of all of these skills is vital. Remember, the timely use of a helicopter can make the difference between reaching great heights, or going the way of the dodo.

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