Use your laser to cut away the surfaces of a mysterious cube and free the energy within.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: Laughing Jackal
    Cubixx screenshot
    • Brave the hazardous cube across 20 level.
    • Old-school, highscore chasing gameplay with a modern twist.
    • Do you have what it takes to top the high score table and become number one?
    Cubixx screenshot

    Futuristic and fast paced

    The cube is hidden in the dark depths of outer space, and surrounded by a frantic flow of bright stars and meteors which create a bold and exciting background. The continuous movement and fluorescent colours add a heady mix of energy and vibrancy to the addictive Cubixx challenge.

    The cube moves as you do, smoothly turning as you accelerate through it. As pieces of the cube are cut away and shot into space, the energy within pulses rapidly until you remove enough of the cube to release it.

    A lively soundtrack of futuristic and electronic beats gets the heart racing and is the perfect accompaniment for this fast paced, lively puzzle game. Prepare yourself for firework-like explosions when the game ends, and chainsaw-style grinding as you slice your way through the giant cube.


    Cubixx screenshot

    Release some energy

    Cubixx sees you to blasting your way around a huge 3D cube, slicing pieces away to release the pulsing energy within it. The cube will quickly rotate as you manoeuvre around it, allowing you to frantically chop segments away from all sides.

    You begin with 50% of the cube to get rid of, while trying to avoid the devious enemies on each side of it. If they manage to touch you, you will explode into the oblivion of space. Similarly, look out for your own trail, which will blast you into a million pieces if you touch it.

    As you progress through the levels, more challenges are thrown your way, the percentage of the cube that needs to be sliced away is increased, and you will encounter more enemies on your journey. And with 20 addictive levels for you to work through, you will only have so many lives to use on your path to victory.


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