CT Special Forces

Freefalling onto PS2, the Counter Terrorism squad makes its blazing 3D debut.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: HIP Interactive
  • Developer: Hip Interactive

    The left and right hand of CT Special Forces, Stealth Owl and Raptor, provide an effective contrast in gameplay styles in this slick 3D action adventure. Representing stealth and firepower respectively, they are the vanguard for the deployment of field operatives and strike forces. Featuring a wealth of weapons, vehicles to commandeer and new game styles, including freefall combat missions, CT is at the bleeding edge of the genre.

    Left for dead in the middle of a burning battlefield by his former CT colleagues, Anton Call has harboured a bitter seed of revenge. His hatred is about to reach fruition as the terrorist/mercenary organisation he heads is poised to unleash hell against his former employers.

    Owl and Raptor, under the advisement of CT command liaison Tracy, are deployed to counter the threat. Backed by an advanced AI computer able to predict terrorist activity, the CT Special Forces have finally met their match in Anton Call, who has employed the same technology to stay one step ahead.

    Benefiting from the contrast between the two main characters, the subterfuge and stealth skills of Owl, and the heavily armoured and armed Raptor, the game's 100 per cent devotion to action keeps it engaging and fresh. The frenetic combat is bolstered by a strong enemy AI engine that adapts quickly to your style of play.

    The unique freefall combat is a real treat in particular, with your character hurtling downwards at 400km/hr in a variety of weather conditions. Trying to fight and keep an eye on how you're skydiving is no mean feat.


    • 100 per cent 3D action

    • Play two characters with very different styles

    • Engaging storyline guides you through the action

    • Dynamic rag-doll effects and AI controlled enemies

    • Employ a range of weaponry or commandeer vehicles


    • Players

      1 Players


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