Costume Quest

  • PS3

Trick or treat your way through the neighbourhood and save Halloween.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Double Fine Productions
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    •  Use your wit, bravery and a variety of costumes to rid the neighbourhood of creepy monsters.
    • Assemble the right combination of material to reveal new costumes and dress up as the Knight, Unicorn, Ninja, Vampire and more.
    • Trade your bag of goodies for battle stamps to unlock unique combat abilities, and reference quests and inventory items in your trusty notebook to track your progress and loot.
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    Trick or treat?

    It's Halloween night in the leafy suburbs of Auburn Pines. The neighbourhood children are dressed up for some trick or treating, apple bobbing and Halloween mischief. Little do they know, their quiet little town has been overrun with hundreds of hideous monsters, each with a very sweet tooth.

    Adorable twins Wren and Reynold are all set for a night of Halloween fun and candy-munching, but their plans are turned upside down when one of them is captured by a hungry Grubbin monster.

    Your mission is to rescue your sibling from the monsters and their evil mistress Dorsilla with the help of fellow trick or treaters, inventive costumes and a little Halloween magic...

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    You are what you wear

    Costume Quest is packed with a vast town to explore, charming animation and humorously quirky dialogue. You will begin your mission to rescue your twin in a cardboard robot costume, and as you progress you'll find new patterns and items to create more impressive and powerful outfits.

    When in battle, you will transform into an almighty version of your chosen disguise. Your robot costume will turn you into a huge and powerful bionic being, a ninja outfit will transform you into a deadly assassin and a Statue of Liberty get-up will give you the power to patriotically restore the health of your fellow trick or treaters by belting out the American national anthem.

    Battles will see you and your new found Halloween friends Lucy and Everett take on candy-stealing Grubbins, Trowbogs and Crestwailers in action-packed, turn-based combat where you can attack your foes and simultaneously charge your strength to unleash a special attack. A French fries costume will allow you to attack enemies with a painful Salt Assault, while a robot outfit will give you a deadly Missile Barrage.

    As you journey through the different areas of the game, you will unlock dark, secret passages and spooky, hidden tunnels that will connect each area, eventually creating one big world for you to explore. New costumes and powers will allow you to return to previous locations and complete tasks that were not previously possible.

    Guide your pint-sized heroes through a Halloween story you'll never forget, battle your candy-craving foes and trick or treat your way to victory.

    Costume Quest screenshot

    Fright night

    Costume Quest puts you in the shoes of either Wren or Reynold, depending on which character you decide to play as. After your twin sibling is captured by horrible Halloween monsters, you are faced with the task of rescuing them and returning them home before your parents discover the truth.

    Your twin is being held behind a mysterious set of black gates that tower over the neighbourhood of Auburn Pines. To get inside, you must complete tasks, collect candy and trick or treat every door you find. Inside each house could be a friendly adult who will shower you with delicious candy, or an angry Grubbin monster prepared for battle.

    You will begin your evening in a home-made robot costume, and as you explore the neighbourhood you will find more costume pieces and improvised accessories which will eventually complete various outfits. You'll be able to put on each of the 11 outfits and make use of their magical powers.

    To give your costume a bit of a kick, you can purchase Battle Stamps which will provide you with an extra power when fighting enemies. These can be bought using candy which is hidden all over the place. Bin bags, postboxes and pumpkins are all packed with yummy treats, so keep your eyes peeled for some tasty currency.

    There are plenty of different areas to explore within the game, including the monster-ridden Autumn Haven Mall and the creepy graveyard of Fall Valley which is filled with eerie surprises. Each area will be packed with different quests and missions which you can view in your handy notebook at any point. Complete missions and battle enemies to earn some very desirable Sweet Treats. Collect all 54 Sweet Treats, including the delicious sounding Fee-Fi-Foe Fudge or rather tempting Cinnamon Brain to earn the Black Cat costume. Nine lives will come in very handy when fighting big bosses.

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