Stop Dr Scabious and his army of minions in this fiendishly addictive 3D puzzle platformer.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: Playerthree
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    • Guide your Chronosphere through colourful and challenging worlds using the PS Vita system's unique controls.
    • Harness the power of time to stop and rewind the action, reach new levels and blast enemies into the past.
    • Use speed and determination to reach each Time Gate before Dr Scabious escapes.
    Chronovolt screenshot

    Twists in time

    Take a series of surreal landscapes, add the ability to alter time then drop in giant, menacing minion spheres, and the engrossing, rolling challenge of Chronovolt on PlayStation Vita is the result.

    You play as a young woman named Jessica Chase in a steampunk adventure with a difference. Guiding a powerful ball known as a chronosphere around increasingly demanding levels, you’ll chase the manic scientist Scabious Claw across continents and through time itself.

    Developer Playerthree has been influenced by H.G. Wells’ science fiction classic The Time Machine, as well as the impossible realities made famous by the artist M.C. Escher. So, as you hunt down the gateway that lets you continue your pursuit of Scabious, you might find yourself on winding, icy platforms high above Chinese mountains, pondering how to reach a key suspended in mid-air.

    You’ll also explore levels with Mayan and futuristic influences as you roll through time, and what begin as simple pathways to navigate turn into intricate complexes that require a few moments to truly appreciate – and figure out.

    Chronovolt screenshot

    A ’volt from the blue

    Steady your thumbs and roll through a series of fiendish challenges designed to test your problem-solving skills as well as your reactions. Chronovolts, the power packs that charge up your chronosphere, lie dotted around each level; collect these and you’ll be able to bend time to overcome obstacles.

    Say the platform your chronosphere comes to rest on crumbles away beneath you. Quickly tapping the PS Vita system’s touchscreen with two fingers rewinds time, getting you off the hook. Your chronovolt meter only lasts so long though, so you can’t make too many mistakes if you want to progress.

    Other platforms rotate or turn into trapdoors – the last thing you need when Scabious is trying to close a level’s gateway and trap you inside forever. When you need to move fast, simply touch an object to freeze it and you can roll over it safely and speedily. You can also zap the ominous minion spheres sent to bash you into oblivion to get them out of your way.

    Tilt your PS Vita to control the chronosphere or use the system’s dual analog sticks – experiment to find out which method will help you clear every level the quickest. And if you get stuck, head to our online store to download the Chronovolt: Chronospheres Pack, which includes four spheres with special features that might just roll you out of trouble.

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