Chime Super Deluxe

  • PS3

Move blocks, cover the board, make music.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Zoë mode / Kuju Entertainment Ltd.
  • Developer: Zoë Mode
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    Music to your ears

    Combining retro arcade visuals with intricately addictive gameplay, Chime Super Deluxe is a classic puzzle with a modern twist and endless replayablilty.

    To get you started, your first grid is a basic rectangle, and as you progress through the levels you'll find grids of different shapes and sizes that aren't so easy to fill. To throw a bit more difficulty into the mix, shapes change with each level, so don't bargain on getting the same ones as you did previously.

    Each level focuses on a different piece of music from top artists and DJs such as Lemon Jelly and Moby, and the tunes provide a pumping beat to work to.

    Cover the grid by 50 per cent to proceed to the next level, or go the whole hog and cover it all to unlock a new stage within the level and gain a big score bonus.


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    Twist and shout

    Chime Super Deluxe presents you with an empty grid and waves of irregular-shaped blocks. Your task is to use both the blocks and the grid to make music.

    When your first shape appears, move and rotate it, then place it on the grid when you're happy with its position. Then another shape will appear, and another, and so on. Each shape triggers musical notes, and you'll hear them play as the beatline passes over them.

    Before you pit yourself against the clock in Time Mode, check out Free Mode where you can get to grips with the gameplay mechanic with no scores or countdown - it's a great way to get the hang of the game and make music.

    Try and place your shapes in groups of three or more, with no gaps, to create a quad - it will be active for a limited period, depending on its size, and earn you points. Add even more shapes to the quad while it's active, keep it growing and create the biggest quad possible. Once it's full and the beatline passes over it, the quad will be stamped down onto the grid.

    Stamping your quad onto the grid gains the biggest reward of all - coverage. The most points come from covering as much of the grid as possible, and this will take speed, skill and tactics. How quickly can you do it? Start off with nine minutes on the clock, progress to six and then try and take on three if you think you're fast enough.

    Chime Super Deluxe screenshot

    Play in harmony

    Once you've mastered the single player mode, get some bandmates to help you make music in Co-op Mode. Up to four of you can join forces and maximise your combined score with tactical teamwork. Add to each other's quads, build your score and let the music flow.

    Alternatively, show off your skills in Versus Mode. Up to four of you can go head-to-head and compete to gain as much coverage of the grid as possible. There are no scores or multipliers - it's a battle for your territory.

    Build quads on top of your opponents' quads to erase their coverage, or add to them with your own shapes to steal their hard work and reap the rewards. Play for fun in Free Mode, or get competitive and play to win in Time Mode.


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