Buzz!™: The Pop Quiz

Think you know music? Try your hand at Buzz!: The Pop Quiz!

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Relentless Software
    Buzz Pop Quiz feature

    You've been to the gigs, got messy at the festivals and plastered posters on your walls, but now Buzz!: The Pop Quiz will separate the wannabes from the winners with questions that will put any music guru to the test - and no tickets are necessary. Packed with hundreds of music clips from the 1990s to the present, Buzz!: The Pop Quiz lets you show everyone that you know your Foo Fighters from your Fugees and your Shakira from your Shaggy.

    Buzz!: The Pop Quiz offers a slick studio format that not only engages you in the action with its unique quiz show styled Buzzers that will have your hands ready to buzz in before your rivals, but also with flashing floor lighting, pulsing stage lights and a video wall - perfect to feature original album covers, artist pictures and music videos. If that wasn't enough, everyone's favourite titular host returns in the shape of the charismatic Buzz, who's smoother than ever, encouraging the big quiz atmosphere with his quick-fire wit and sharp attire.

    Are you ready to test your knowledge of the world's biggest chart-toppers and one hit wonders? The venue is your own living room and the host is Buzz - so get into music mode and find out who is top of the charts in your family.

    • Over 5000 questions on hundreds of different artists from Black Eyed Peas to Bloc Party, Nelly Furtado to Nickelback, Pink to Pearl Jam
    • Large number of videos from artists including t.A.T.u, Take That, Razorlight and more, with a whole round of questions concentrating on video stars
    • All new round types, such as Wall of Sound, Name that Band, Name that Tune and Pop Picker
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    Buzz pops the questions

    Buzz is back to see how well you know your Black Eyed Peas from your Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Buzz!: The Pop Quiz on PlayStation 2.

    Buzz! games have been making intelligent people feel cool at parties since 2005. And now even your encyclopaedic knowledge of the P!nk back catalogue can win you kudos in Buzz!: The Pop Quiz.

    Buzz himself is back with a brand new set, a new suit and the same terrific hairstyle. And naturally, he has a 5,000 strong stock of brand new questions to test your knowledge of music from the nineties to now.

    But don't worry if American Idols and Union Jack dresses aren't your cup of tea - there are questions covering all musical genres, from Whitney to Britney, and The Cure to Blur.

    Of course, it wouldn't be Buzz! without a vault of multimedia content to mix things up, and The Pop Quiz is crammed with music tracks, videos and images.

    Buzz! The Pop Quiz is best enjoyed with company, so the game has plenty of multiplayer modes to keep you going long into the small hours. Up to eight players can split into teams or go it alone to see who knows most about pop.

    Multiplayer games are customisable, so you can alter the length of the game, the difficulty and even which rounds you want to play. To make the most of all the multimedia content, there are brand new rounds, including Name That Band, where you must guess the artist from a sample of music, and Video Stars, where you answer an observation question on a famous music video or live performance.

    If your friends are busy, there's a single player mode to keep you entertained. In this mode, you answer as many questions as you can to build up time for the final round. You can then use that time to score as many points as you can, answering questions to climb the ladder and deciding whether to bank the points or carry on for more.

    All the popular characters from previous games in the series return, including Pirate, Wrestler and Napoleon. This time they get even more involved, dancing along to the music and responding to how well the player is doing. Seeing the Mime character dancing to The Venga Boys brings an unexpectedly warm feeling of glee.

    Also making a return is Buzz's sultry scorekeeper Rose, though you can always choose to silence her with the big red button.

    With its wealth of multimedia content, its wide range of musical genres and the series' trademark tongue-in-cheek parody of a TV quiz show, Buzz!: The Pop Quiz is sure to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

    Pop music is a broad and accessible topic that, combined with the series' simple interface and brilliant buzzers, produces a title that absolutely everyone will want to try.

    Buzz! is one of the most entertaining game series on PlayStation 2 and this latest instalment is top of the pops.

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