Take to the skies

Captain your airship to victory in Bow to Blood - a VR experience where you compete in deadly battles, high-speed races and wars of wits.

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Bow to Blood

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: Tribetoy
  • Developer: Tribetoy

    Navigate a unique sci-fi world

    Built for PlayStation VR, sail through the skies of an expansive 'gas giant' planet, travelling between mist-soaked, floating islands and airborne continents at the heart of a declining empire.

    Experience nerve-tingling, high-speed races across the ether, engage in deadly battles with assault ship battalions and brave perilous encounters with ferocious aerial beasts. All this, plus mind-bending challenges and much more await you beyond the clouds.

    • PlayStation VR required

      PlayStation VR required

    • Players

      1 Players


    Every adventure is unique

    Procedurally generated encounters and a rotating cast ensure no two experiences will be the same. Play over and over again to discover new environments, opponents and encounters.

    Become champion of the arena

    Compete to become champion of the arena, as inscrutable overseers test you and your fellow challengers in a winner-takes-all fantasy reality show. Win the adoration of fans and sponsors to earn rewards and gain an edge against your competitors.

    Make friends or foes

    Your rivals have their own motivations, objectives, and personalities. Assist your fellow challengers and gain their support or exploit them for personal gain and earn their enmity. The choice is yours, but choose carefully: challengers will remember how you have treated them and, in the arena, grudges die hard.


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