Big Sky Infinity™

  • Also on PS3

Never the same game twice.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Ripstone
  • Developer: VooFoo Studios, Boss Baddie
  • Also on PS3
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  • Stay alert in this fast paced intergalactic shooter.
  • Complete randomly generated missions that adapt depending on how you play.
  • Use the extensive upgrade system to transform your ship into an unstoppable drilling machine and punch through entire planets.
Big Sky Infinity screenshot

Star power

Big Sky Infinity lets you experience deep space in all its cosmic colour, as you pilot a dinky craft with dazzling firepower through the outer reaches of the galaxy, blasting alien enemies to smithereens.

The spectacular visuals are a match for anything captured by the Hubble space telescope, with glittering nebulae, clouds of radiant space dust and gigantic planets strewn across your flight path. In the background yawns the endless expanse of the wider universe, strung with twinkling stars, while in the foreground your cute craft zooms into battle against legions of evil extraterrestrials. Needless to say, a few well-aimed bursts from your laser cannon and the baddies explode in showers of light.

The sound is great, too, with a pulsing electronic score and crunchy sound effects to accompany your endeavours. There’s even a hilarious voice-over to guide your efforts at the outset, reminding you that however challenging and frantic the action becomes, Big Sky Infinity is first and foremost about having fun – and on a galactic scale.

Big Sky Infinity screenshot

Master of the universe

Big Sky Infinity puts you in the cockpit of a tiny craft and lets you loose on a lawless sector of space crawling with laser-toting enemies. Your job is to destroy the bad guys before you get blown to bits yourself – and your ship packs some seriously wild weaponry to aid you in your endeavours.

Swooping, soaring alien invaders aren’t the only hazard, however: space is a dangerous place, and all kinds of environmental obstacles threaten to send you spinning to your doom. You’ll have to master all the tools at your disposal – including a protective force field and a nifty drill bit that allows your craft to burrow through entire planets – if you want to weather the asteroid storms and return to base in one piece.

Another handy feature is the ability to upgrade your craft, strengthening its armour and increasing its firepower to enable insane new levels of destruction. Enhancements are purchased using starbits strewn throughout the various stages, and collecting them is vital if you want to overcome the growing numbers of frenzied enemies that appear as the action unfolds.

In fact, this is one of the best things about Big Sky Infinity – the deeper you penetrate into the cosmic chaos, the greater and more adrenaline-fuelled the challenges you’ll face. What’s more, you’ll never experience the same stage twice, as enemies and environments are randomly generated every time you play – whether you’re playing the main arcade mode or sampling the fast-paced pleasures of a Boss Rush. It’s an inspired twist, and means the action never feels less than fantastically fresh and exciting.

Big Sky Infinity screenshot

Horsing around

Once you’ve countered the mayhem of an alien onslaught in Big Sky Infinity’s single player mode, it’s time to test yourself against the rest of the world.

In Horse Mode, friends can take turns obliterating the extraterrestrial hordes in an attempt to earn the highest score and win top place on the leader board. It’s a superb way to amp up the action (and show off your skills to your friends).

If your mates don’t provide enough of a challenge, you can also check the online rankings to find out how your solo scores compare to those of fellow fans across the globe. The competition is sure to be tough, and a good thing too: seeing yourself halfway down the scoreboard provides yet another superb incentive to soup up your craft, improve your shooting skills and throw yourself back into the fray!

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