Ape Escape

  • PS3

It’s time for some monkey business on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Japan Studio
    Ape Escape Move Featured Image
    • Travel through time to battle with hundreds of cheeky chimps from outer space and their evil boss, Specter.
    • Turn your PlayStation Move motion controller into awesome gadgets, fight off the apes in Chase battles or stop the menacing monkeys from stealing your bananas in Capture battles.
    • Go bananas over cool mini-games including Sprayzer Defence Force! and Mecha Tag Rally.
    • Head to the Goodies section to find out more about the apes you've captured in the Monkeypedia, check out your performance statistics or practice your skills in the Tutorial.
    Ape Escape Move screenshot

    Monkeys causing mischief

    Everywhere is overrun with the pesky primates, from the chilly Dinosaur Glacier to the creepy Haunted House. Within each level you must whack, bash and smack those monkeys as they tease you and hurl rubbish your way.

    As you're guided through each level, remember to look under rocks, behind trees and on top of buildings for any tasty bananas or evil apes that may be lurking there. Ape Escape is packed full of hidden treasures and surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat and entertained for hours.

    Not all of these cheeky chimps are the same. Some have brought their own surprises to Earth with them and will throw paint, bombs and even snowballs at you - beware of these particularly naughty apes.

    The mischievous monkeys actually look deceptively charming. Each has their own little outfit - Touchy wears shorts and boxing gloves, Dapper Dan looks rather smart in his shirt and tie and Clare carries a watering can everywhere she goes. You can check out all of the weird and wonderful apes that you've captured in the Monkeypedia. There are over 700 of them to collect - so, what are you waiting for?

    Ape Escape Move screenshot

    Apes from outer space

    The monkeys have arrived on PlayStation 3, and chaos is on the cards. Led by their evil boss Specter, the troop of cheeky space chimps are doing all they can to cause havoc, mess things up and steal your bananas. It's your job to grab your PlayStation Move motion controller, teach the apes a lesson and save the day.

    Running riot throughout each level are tons of the pesky primates - use your motion controller to catch them. Turn it into a Slingshot to fire ammo, a Smasher to bash things out of your way or a Monkey Net to trap a chimp.

    How did these monkeys get to Earth? In spaceships of course, and there's a few of them lurking about too, so make sure you have your finger on the Move button to quickly switch between your trusty Gadgets. Luckily, there's also lots of helpful treats lying around each level. Yummy bananas will boost your health, while batteries will give your motion controller amazing powers and turn it into a Super Gadget. Find a battery and suck all the mayhem up with the Ape Vacuum, or turn just about everything you can see into lunch with the Banana Zapper.

    On top of the exciting Story mode you'll hilarious mini-games in Ape Escape. Hunt down the most menacing monkeys in Aim, Sling Snipe! or take your ape for a spin in Mecha Tag Rally.

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