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Train with the best.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: 505 Games
  • Developer: Chromativity Ltd
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    • Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to work out in the comfort of your own home with an all-star training team of your favourite sporting heroes.
    • Bring a whole new level of interactivity to your training regime with over 400 exercises and fun-filled, sporty games that hone your reaction times and work up a sweat.
    • Automatically share your progress via and open your workout world to a massive community of friends and social network updates.
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    A world of athletes in your living room

    Exercising at home is about to get a boost with adidas miCoach on PlayStation 3. Featuring an all-star training team of your favourite sporting heroes, this fitness game introduces you to athletes such as Welsh footballer Gareth Bale via videos which present background information and the training ethics of these athletic icons.

    While these superstars add a healthy amount of personality to adidas miCoach, they also act as energetic personal trainers to motivate you through over 400 exercises, from hip adductions to drop squats. Each athlete offers encouragement and tips to help polish your form and push you to complete the routine.

    By working out with your favourite athlete you can also unlock masterclasses which give you even more exercises to run through with your chosen star. And while you're working up a sweat you can also earn Medals and Collectables via challenges such as completing workouts, sticking with your planned routine and training a specific body part.

    Best of all, your hard work is tracked with a statistics table that shows you how many calories you've burned, weights lifted, distance travelled and workouts completed, across your chosen week, month or since you started the game.

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    Train one-on-one with the stars

    Want to get fit with some of the world's best athletes? adidas miCoach on PlayStation 3 gives you the opportunity to build a better you with the help of world-beating superstars from the sports of tennis, football, rugby, basketball and athletics. And all you need is a PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a healthy desire to keep moving.

    Get off the starting blocks by setting up an account on miCoach. The free online service is available via PlayStation Network and lets you post your statistics online and share your workout plans with friends should you want to show off your progress.

    Once you've inputted your gender, age, height and weight so adidas miCoach can accurately count how many calories you're burning per exercise, you're ready to start a routine and choose a Training Plan. Select the sport you want to train in and a schedule that suits your goals. Grab your motion controller and stay in shape as all your actions are tracked with precision.

    Each sport has a specialised set of drills to target the areas you want. If you wish to improve your strength, then try some of the basketball Phases to help build lean mass. Or maybe aim to pack on muscle mass with the Men's Training routines. Running Phases can help overall fitness and conditioning, while Women's Training can help you sculpt a new body from head to toe. There is also a selection of training games for a fun diversion, such as netting hoops in basketball or testing your reaction speed as a goalkeeper in football.

    Whether you're looking to get your fitness off the starting blocks or just shooting for a boost of energy, each Phase has a summary to tell you how many workouts it consists of, how long it lasts and any equipment you'll need, such as dumb-bells or a stability ball. However, your most essential workout tool is the motion controller in your hand. With that and your PlayStation Eye camera on top of your TV, adidas miCoach delivers an accurate and engaging way to deliver world class exercise techniques into your home.

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