Why RAGE 2 on PS4 is the most exciting FPS you’ll play this year

id Software & Avalanche Studios’ original, intense and all-out fun PS4 first person shooter launches on 14th May.


There’s a huge map to explore

The RAGE 2 map is colourful, anarchic and bristling with personality – and it’s all yours

Take a fresh look at the post-apocalypse

Forget the charred, broken trees or desolate dustbowls you might be expecting from a dystopian future – RAGE 2 is spattered with neon paint and bristling with chaotic life. It’s a lawless culture, with scrap metal settlements dotted across a vast map where beasts and bandits lurk in the undergrowth – but despite all of this, the anarchic society isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving.

Explore a wasteland society bustling with life

In the 30 years that have passed between the first game and RAGE 2,  the wasteland has sprouted new life, signaling a fresh start for its hero, Walker.

You'll still find plenty of mutants, monsters and maniacs, but also different ecosystems throughout the game map where living settlements have grown, and the characters and factions you meet have their own stories to drag you into. You’re tasked with taking back control of the world from The Authority – an oppressive regime trying to impose its own rule on the lawless Badlands.

It’s all yours from the get-go

It’s a big world out there, with a ton of projects to tackle, bandit camps to clear out and convoys to run off the road. But your rampage won’t be restricted behind a closed-off map or unreachable objectives – from the very start, you’re free to roam around and rain hot lead on anyone foolish enough to get in your way, and unlock even the beefiest cache of weapons early on in the game.

Until you’re fully tooled up you might not get far in the missions with a 10/10 difficulty rating, but who cares? Give ‘em hell!

"RAGE 2 is set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, meaning that human civilization is starting to return. We wanted to take players away from the grey and brown wastelands that have been standard for the last decade or so in post-apocalyptic settings and bring back some colour with lots of different, varied environments."


- Magnus Nedfors, RAGE 2 Game Director, Avalanche Studios


Chaos has never been so creative

RAGE 2’s weapons and abilities put countless combo options at your fingertips

Collect a cache of over-the-top weapons

As well as an array of shotguns, rifles and rocket launchers that you'd expect from a big-hitting FPS, the real fun comes from the unique armoury you’ll earn along the way. Weapons like the Grav Dart Launcher that propels enemies in any direction at extreme velocity, the Firestorm Revolver that peppers bad guys with combustible shells that you can set ablaze, or the Hyper Cannon that’ll blast through an enemy and keep going into the next, then the next…

Get on a killing spree, and you’ll activate Overdrive mode for your weapon, which turns everything up to 11 and puts anyone in your vicinity at serious risk of becoming a puddle of goo in double-quick time.

Nanotrite powers are at your fingertips

These Nanotrite abilities range from defensive boosts like an impenetrable barrier or a rapid evasive dash, to a ground-pounding Slam that takes out anyone in your radius, or a gravity Vortex that drags whole groups of enemies towards each other, then shoots them into the air.

There are loads to choose from as you earn more Nanotrites from completing projects and missions, so you can pick out the combination that works together best for your particular brand of madness.

Mix and match for maximum carnage

Once you’ve filled up your weapon wheel and augmented yourself with an array of Nanotrite abilities, there’s a whole new world of combinations for you to experiment with.

Want to turn a group of enemies into one big ball of flame? Sure! The Firestorm Revolver and Vortex are your friends. Or you could set up a deadly Barrier, then use Shatter to shove a pesky foe straight into it, frying them instantly.  Get creative – there’s never a shortage of goons to use as your test subjects!

"RAGE 2 is an id Software-style shooter set in an Avalanche Studios open world. The combination of our expertise in those areas, and our love for explosive, over the top action has created a game where everything is FUN.

One of my favourite moves is to swoop up enemies and/or explosive barrels into the air using the Vortex, send them flying even higher with the Shatter, then practice clay pigeon shooting with the shotgun as they fall."


- Magnus Nedfors, RAGE 2 Game Director, Avalanche Studios


Ride out in search of adventure

There are plenty of ways to travel between outposts and missions, as well as some shortcuts to take

Drive, ride or fly any vehicle you find

There’s more to RAGE 2’s array of vehicles than just getting from A to B. Walker has some basic (but well equipped) vehicles to choose from – a heavily armoured, all-terrain Phoenix, a faster, more nimble Dispatch Chopper, or the airborne Icarus. Each of these are upgradable, so you can tweak them into a dependable garage of mobile attack units.

But throughout the Wasteland, you’ll find all sorts of ways to transport yourself across the map and dish out a little destruction on the way. Goon Squad camps might be hiding a Monster Truck for you to steal, or you could pick up something more refined from other factions, like The Authority’s Xerxes III tank, or a low-riding Wind Razor bike from the Immortal Shrouded.

Race, fight and compete to become a wasteland superhero

As well as tackling the project missions that are scattered around the map (given to you by three allies -  John Marshall, Loosum Hagar and Dr Antonin Kvasir), you can build Walker’s wasteland profile with all sorts of optional and rewarding activities.

You can make a name for yourself at the racetrack or enter into some good old televised slaughter in ‘Mutant Bash TV’ – a gameshow of survival where waves of mutants pour into the arena, vying for your blood. Or maybe you’d prefer to help strangers in need by rescuing them from being chased down by Goon Squad convoys, or listen to their stories and assist with a vast array of side quests.

If at first you don’t succeed, cheat

Sometimes it’s tough out there in the wasteland. Everyone’s out to kill you, you’re getting trampled by monsters five times your size… We get it. Plus, you’re here for a good time, not a long time, right?

Enter the Wasteland Wizard. This mysterious roaming trader will sell you the secrets to unlock all sorts of over-the-top powers that’ll give you an unfair advantage (or just make RAGE 2 even more ridiculously fun). No spoilers, but one-shot kills, reverse ejector seats, and some of the greatest in-game commentary ever heard will feature.

"Walker’s personal vehicle, the Phoenix, is probably the most versatile and useful vehicle around. But the monster truck has been my personal favourite during the whole development time. It just screams freedom and fun when you take it out for a spin."

- Magnus Nedfors, RAGE 2 Game Director, Avalanche Studios