How Need for Speed Heat shifts the street racing series up a gear


1. You have a massive open world at your disposal

Sure, there is lots of exciting street racing to get into and enjoy, but the beautiful Palm City is meant to be explored and savoured. 

Beautiful environments

Ghost Games has created an environment which takes in the sun-kissed skyline of Miami and the stunning natural peaks of Georgia, offering a variety of photogenic backdrops, from jaw-dropping vistas to striking wetlands. 

Dynamic weather

Experience everything from cloudless skies to stormy downpours that alter how you race across the rain slick roads. 

Diverse terrain

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy full throttle street circuits or off-road rallying, there are plenty of options to indulge your racing preferences. The only limits are where your four wheels can take you. 

“Need for Speed Heat is about creating a cohesive open world that is fun to drive in.” 

– Jeremy Chubb, Producer


2. Night racing is more dangerous than daytime

Once you’ve picked from 12 different customisable avatars to begin your Palm City experience, it’s time to start getting serious. 


Drive around the city at your leisure or take part in the official Speedhunters Showdown events, where you go against other AI drivers in sanctioned circuit, sprint and off-road races, drift challenges and more. The higher your placing in each event, the more Bank you earn to kit out your car. 


Once the sun sets, only illegal events are available and you can earn both Bank and status-boosting Rep during the no-holds barred street races. But beware – the cops are on the hunt and if you get caught you’ll lose all the hard earned Rep you’ve gained during that night. 

Career missions

Taking place in both daytime and night, the main story of Need for Speed Heat progresses as you earn more Rep. Story missions can be anything from taking part in narrative driven races which you have to win, to tailing a suspicious lead without being seen – and only success will allow you to continue.  

Driving stories

Visiting certain characters on the map lets you hear more about their own exploits in Palm City as well as taking part in a specific type of event you may have tried during the day or night. For example, if you love drifting races, visiting the relevant character and taking part in their challenges will open up more side missions of that type. 


3. New vehicle personalisation options

While you start off with a modest selection of three cars in Need For Speed Heat, there are a over 120 licenced vehicles in the game, from an eye-catching Porsche 918 Spyder 2015 Hypercar, to the roaring Ford Mustang 1965 Classic.

But driving is only part of the fun. A quick visit to any of the garages located around Palm City gives you an opportunity to trick out and tweak your car to suit your playstyle. 

Whether you want to give your vehicle a fresh lick of paint, change the colour of your nitrous smoke, tune the stance, or go deeper with high performance options, the workshop is at your disposal. 

Fine tuning your car

Each change you make to your vehicle alters its Power, High Speed, Acceleration and Nitrous ratings, which in turn impacts its suitability for off-road driving, street racing and drifting. There are three elements you can adjust to get the most out of your car: 


Give your car the raw power needed to push it past your rivals, adjusting elements such as horsepower and NOS (Nitrous).  


Harness even more control over your machine by tweaking your tyres, suspension and brakes to get an edge. 


Combining elements that affect both handling and power, this is where you can alter your gearbox, clutch and differential. 

“We want you to feel like a mechanic, and create a sense of self expression as you tweak your car.” 

- Reza Hedayati, Game Designer


4. The police are more aggressive than ever before

During the day you’ll only be in trouble with the police if you deliberately decide to break the law as you roam. You might get a speeding fine, or get bumped off the road depending on your felony.

However, the rules change at night, where every race is declared illegal. And as the daredevils and speed freaks come out, so does a rogue task force looking to take you down, using everything from road blocks, rhino trucks and copters, to kill switches and spike strips. 

Palm City Police – the rap sheet

The fuzz aren’t nameless antagonists in Need for Speed Heat – they’re a fundamental part of the storyline. Lieutenant Frank Mercer and his team play an important role in how the narrative unfolds, as members of his squad use increasingly dubious means to get ahead of the nocturnal street racers.

Keep a particular eye on Shaw and Torres, Mercer’s most dangerous officers who won’t hesitate to play by their own rules if you cross them. 

Heat level

Each time you break the law, your Heat level increases, meaning the PCPD will employ more aggressive tactics to destroy your car if you don’t find a safehouse to reduce it. But the more Heat you have on you as you race, the more Rep you’ll earn, which opens up new events to take part in and progress the story.

Carefully balance risk and reward when antagonising the cops, as getting caught means losing all your hard-earned Rep for that night – as well as fronting a hefty fine. 


5. There are secrets and challenges everywhere

Palm City is full of fields, open roads, back alleys, ramps, intersections, marshes and more, all home to a variety of challenges, collectibles and secret areas. 

Destroy billboards and ace speed tests

Smashing through billboards is a Need for Speed staple, but this time they’re often located in places that help show off stunning landscape views. While speed tests let you put your foot down for bonuses if you break the minimum speed limit on a street. 

Find signs and artwork

Hidden neon signs and graffiti tags are tucked away for when you want to slow things down. And any street art you discover can be used to customise your car next time you visit a garage. 

More accessible collectibles

With Palm City divided into 18 different districts, all collectibles are handily grouped per district, making them easier to narrow down. It pays to be persistent – completing any set of collectibles globally earns you rewards, like a special edition car. 

“Explore areas you may initially think you shouldn’t drive through, as there’s some cool stuff to find.” 

- Jeremy Chubb, Producer


6. Build your biggest NFS crew

Need for Speed Heat allows up to 16 online players to join in the open world fun, making Palm City more alive than any previous city in the franchise. 

Free-roaming multiplayer

When you take to the streets you might come across other players cruising around the city. You can invite them to races and events to test your skills, or see if they want to join your squad…

Creating a Crew

Gathering friends together and forming a Crew is the best way to make Palm City yours, letting you pool your Rep and Bank for additional bonuses and Crew specific rewards. You’ll earn Rep quicker and even get prizes for getting to certain levels. 

Crew Time Trials

While your Crew has a common goal to be the best racing team in the world, a little friendly rivalry between members is also available via shared events. Any times set by your friends on specific events can be raced against asynchronously, with a ghost of your buddy’s car setting the pace. 


4 tips to get you off the starting grid in Need for Speed Heat

Handy pointers to make sure your first few hours in Palm City aren’t spent in the back of a police car.

  1. Use the test drive tutorial to really get a feel of the game, and how the streets are laid out. Because this takes place during daytime, the cops won’t be as aggressive so you can race without the threat of being caught. 
  1. Get used to the new control drift, which makes you tap the throttle instead of the brake to adjust your angles. It’s similar to a clutch kick, and pushing it all the way down will make you spin out, so it’s worth mastering to really get the most out of off-road races. 
  1. Don’t push the cops too hard, as they can really do some heavy damage, especially to the cars you get early on. Keep a low profile until you’re familiar with your surroundings.
  1. If you find yourself in a cop chase, use the open world to your advantage. The road network is more compact and denser than previous Need for Speed games, meaning you can take off-road shortcuts and hide in foliage. 

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