All the ways No Man’s Sky has expanded and evolved since launch

With the massive Beyond update adding full PS VR support and expanded multiplayer, we detail the huge number of features added since launch and explain why now is the perfect time to jump back into Hello Games’ space exploration epic.


1. Multiplayer

One of No Man’s Sky’s most requested features, multiplayer, finally arrived with the enormous ‘NEXT’ update in 2018. With the launch of Beyond, online multiplayer is further expanded...

Explore with friends

Form a party of up to four players to explore the universe together. Visit one another’s bases, inspect your friends’ Starships and equipment, trade precious materials or team-up to take on the universe’s most dangerous challenges. 

Visit The Nexus

The Beyond update introduces a shared social area where you can hang-out with other travellers, compare equipment, trade items and form parties. You’ll be match-made with people from all over the galaxy, so there’s no need to worry about where you are.

Meet with strangers

On your journey across the universe you’ll bump into other players out exploring the same areas as you. Feel free to approach them, reach out with emotes or party up for a while. Maybe they'll help unearth some rare resource or perhaps you'll save them from pirates!


2. Stunning visuals

If you’ve not jumped into No Man’s Sky since launch, be prepared for a game which could almost be mistaken for a sequel. 

Engineering upgrades

Look out for motion blur for smoother movement, tessellation for more realistic terrain, crepuscular light rays for cinematic flare, dynamic volumetric clouds, ambient occlusion and much more besides.

Ultra HD and HDR

Full PS4 Pro support was enabled in 2017, but with the Beyond expansion you can enjoy further performance benefits or, if you prefer, push for the highest visual fidelity, choosing between ‘performance’ or ‘quality’ settings.

A regenerated universe

Regular refinements have been made to the algorithms which generate No Man's Sky's massive procedural universe. These have made mountains taller, oceans deeper and added countless new varieties of flora and fauna, along with new planet types. 


3. PlayStation VR support

The Beyond update introduces fully-featured support for PlayStation VR, allowing you to experience your entire journey across the galaxy – including all missions, modes and features – entirely in virtual reality.

All-new interactions, head and hand tracking, special Starship controls and more make for the most immersive way to explore the galaxy. 


4. Character creation, customisation and emotes

No Man’s Sky’s massive ‘NEXT’ update introduced an option to play the game entirely in third-person, giving you your first glimpse of your player character - along with the option to customise them.

Define yourself

Every space station you visit now comes equipped with a special device that allows you to fully customise your appearance, including your species, size, colour scheme and outfit. 

Express yourself

With countless other players bounding around the galaxy, there's a good chance you'll bump into a fellow wanderer. When you do, you can now give them a friendly wave, ask them to trade, or point to the giant beast behind them. 

Expand your wardrobe

Visit Nada and Polo aboard a floating ‘Space Anomaly’ to partake in special community missions where you’ll earn a rare currency called Quicksilver. With this, you’ll be able to buy brand-new helmets and other cosmetics.


5. Story and quests

The elusive centre of the universe is still there to be found, but there are now many more stories to be discovered along the way.

Follow the beckoning voice of the elusive Atlas, travel the cosmos and search for answers from this all-powerful entity or follow up a transmission from a distraught traveller named Artemis and do what you can to help save them. 

There are activities and missions scattered throughout every solar system. Wandering a planet’s surface, you’ll come upon crashed freighters, satellites and Starships that can be salvaged, buried ancient temples to be excavated and abandoned buildings that can be plundered.

Alternatively, visit local space stations to retrieve additional missions, such as making deliveries, hunting pirates, tracking down missing persons or cataloguing deep space phenomena.

Get together with other players from all across the No Man's Sky universe and take on tough community quests that earn you special rewards that can be used to further customise your character. 

Not only this, you can join together with friends to complete other side missions and mainline story quests too.


6. Base-building and farming

Create places to call your own from hundreds of interlocking parts, building your very own habitable bases on planet surfaces. These can be constructed absolutely anywhere and they come with a range of benefits.

Develop technology

Hire specialists from around the universe to populate your bases. They’ll help you develop new technologies, from weapon mods to farming facilities.

Farm rare resources

With the right tech you can grow rare plant species from the safety of your home base and, with big enough yields, sell any you don’t need for a tidy profit.

Explore and return

Build a teleport point and you’ll be able to return to your base from anywhere in the universe, deposit materials, harvest crops and stock up on supplies.

Powered tech

The Beyond update adds a whole new range of construction parts, allowing you to install bespoke mechanics, lighting systems and solar-powered generators.


7. Vehicles and exocraft

Land-faring exocraft were added in update 1.20, allowing players to quickly traverse vast landscapes and bring back bigger hauls of resources - the feature has been expanded even further since.


Light and with limited cargo space, the Nomad glides effortlessly over both land and water.


A bouncy, all-terrain buggy that scrambles its way over mountains, through gorges or deep cave networks.


Perfect for resource gathering, this behemoth has a large cargo hold but is not built for long distances.


Capable of making huge, canyon-spanning leaps, the speedy, two-wheeled Pilgrim is the rock star of the exocraft fleet.


Built exclusively for underwater use, the submersible Nautilon has two directional headlights for exploring the ocean’s depths.


8. Freighters, frigates and flying armadas

With No Man’s Sky’s very first update, Hello Games introduced the option to purchase and customise your own Freighter. These gargantuan deep-space vessels don’t come cheap, but you can build entire bases on board and store masses of resources.


These come in a range of sizes and grades, ranging from ‘C’ to ‘S’, and benefit from increased storage and hyperdrive range at higher grades. You can summon your freighter to anywhere in the galaxy, dock your starship onboard or send them out on their own resource gathering missions.


With your freighter as the capital ship, you can purchase additional frigates (up to 30) to take on more difficult missions. The more you have the greater your force within the universe - just make sure to keep your frigates in good condition and fix them when they're damaged.


9. Discovery, gear and loot

Collecting and upgrading have always been a core part of the No Man’s Sky experience, but over multiple updates these systems have been revised and expanded to make exploration more rewarding than ever. 


Your trusty all-purpose sidearm now comes in a variety of classes and grades that favour mining, combat or exploration, each with a different number of upgrade slots.


Your humble Exosuit now boasts a range of additional features including bulk cargo slots for resources, masses of technology upgrades and even rocket boots.


Procedurally-generated Starships now come in a range of classes and grades, each best fitted to different roles in the galaxy and can be expanded with advanced hyper drives, cutting-edge weapons and more.


All updates so far…

Check out videos for every major update and click the links below to see associated posts on PlayStation Blog. 

Update 1.75: Visions

Vastly increasing the diversity of the universe, Patch 1.75 adds in new biomes and creatures, improved clouds, a diverse new range of  skies, rainbows, archaeology and salvage missions. It also updates community missions to make them fully global.

Update 1.70: The Abyss

Expanding underwater exploration, patch 1.70 adds in new aquatic flora and fauna types, refines underwater movement, adds a new series of missions, water-tight base components and a subnautical exocraft called the 'Nautilon'.

Update 1.50: NEXT

No Man's Sky's biggest update so far, NEXT completely overhauls the game's visuals, adds in a third-person camera view, character customisation and emotes, new economies and crafting systems, and introduces multiplayer.

Update 1.30: Atlas Rises

Patch 1.30 adds further graphical refinements improving the overall look and feel of the game along with over 30 hours of new story missions, expanding the lore and history of the No Man's Sky universe.

Update 1.20: Pathfinder

The second major patch for No Man's Sky adds full support for PS4 Pro allowing for ultra-HD resolutions on supported displays along with a range of graphical upgrades, photo mode and a selection of exocraft to deploy on planet surfaces.

Update 1.10: Foundation

Patch 1.10 adds in the ability to own freighers, claim home planets and build your very own habitable base along with new survival and creative modes which offer new challenges and ways to play the game.