Immersive PS VR games to totally lose yourself in

 Want to feel unstoppable, playful or spooked? Escape the everyday with our run down of some of PS4’s most immersive VR experiences.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Genre:  Puzzle adventure

Makes you feel:  Curious, puzzled, clever

There’s nothing like solving a mystery, and The Room VR brings the series’ touchscreen puzzles into a fully realised environment, transporting you right into a 1908 museum and all its mysteries. 

Solve riddles by picking up objects, sifting through clues and unlocking safes, cases, doors and more as each room presents new enigmas to unravel. It’s one thing to solve a puzzle, it’s another to feel the parts click into place as you move them. 

Beyond the puzzles themselves, you’ll spend time marvelling as The Room’s mysteries go from the ordinary to otherworldly, with each new room revealing Fireproof Games’ immersive vision.

Paper Beast

Genre: Puzzle adventure

Makes you feel: Transported, astonished, captivated

From the moment a four-legged crystalline creature drops a glowing orb from its face that turns into your actual game controller, you know you’re in for something special with Paper Beast. 

On the surface, you’re solving environmental puzzles that involve terrain, animal behaviour and whatever objects are lying around. But connecting each of these typical gameplay elements is a truly bizarre and wondrous digital world with arresting alien horizons and thought-provoking set pieces.

Trover Saves the Universe

Genre: Platform adventure

Makes you feel: Amused, absurd, ludicrous 

From the mind and mouth of Justin Roiland, Trover Saves the Universe comes together as a wacky but perfect mix of unfiltered comedy and absurd platform adventure. 

From the hovering seat of a Chairopian, set out with foul-mouthed Trover to teleport across levels, solve puzzles and bash in some baddies on a quest to save two pups from an evil interdimensional chicken. 

The mechanics are slick, the puzzles perfectly utilising PSVR’s expanded field of vision to help you seek out those sweet, sweet Power Babies. Come for the adventure, stay for the laughs.

Falcon Age

Genre: Action adventure/pet sim

Makes you feel: Majestic, determined, bonded

Bonding with a video game companion can be tough, but in Falcon Age it’s as easy as pulling your Move Controller up to your face in a whistle and having your feathered falcon friend land on your arm. 

Falcon Age’s rebellious narrative has a lot of heart, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the magical moments spent training and building a relationship with your falcon. She’ll steal your heart every time you lift your arm to set her flying, when she squawks through a successful hunt, or even just perches on your arm playing with a toy. Falcon Age brings your falcon to life in VR and makes you feel a real connection.

Blood & Truth

Genre: First-person shooter

Makes you feel: Unstoppable, deadly, highly trained

Sweaty palms, adrenaline rushes and pure exhilaration greet those who dive into London Studio’s ambitious world. Use the PlayStation Move Controllers to dual-wield high-powered weapons, intercept incoming grenades and climb up towering buildings (do look down for an exciting rush). 

The accuracy of the PS Move controllers makes lining up shots feel sleek, smooth and hugely satisfying. You can even toss a fresh magazine into the air and thrust your empty pistol onto it to reload with cinematic flare. Experience climactic car chases, escapes or explosions that keep you guessing about the next explosive set piece.

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

Genre: Survival horror

Makes you feel: Vigilant, jumpy, eagle-eyed 

Get ready for the world’s worst night shift, as you work to fend off the cartoonishly twisted animatronic characters skulking the halls of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. From running maintenance through claustrophobic ventilation shafts to whipping your head around after spotting movement on security cams, these furry fiends will keep you on your toes. 

Freddy, Chica, Foxy and the full gang of terrifying cast members come to life in PS VR with fully reimagined levels from the original game, and all new mini-games that will have you screaming until dawn. 

No Man’s Sky

Genre: Exploration adventure

Makes you feel: Bold, pioneering, limitless

Like an intergalactic explorer sliding their helmet on, securing your PS VR Headset to play No Man’s Sky in VR feels appropriate. Craning your head around to examine your personal ships’ blinking lights and sharp details is only superseded by the intense sensation of blasting through the atmosphere. Piloting your starship while freely looking at the stars and planets feels like second nature. 

Even better, stepping out of your starship onto the surface of a newly discovered planet feels even more significant and wonder-filled in VR. Make your mark on the galaxy, up close and personal.

Firewall Zero Hour

Genre: Tactical team shooter

Makes you feel: Tactical, precise, collaborative

Bring your sharpshooting skills with you for this compelling online military shooter. The fidelity of PS VR lets you intuitively peek around corners and check your six. Which is good, because securing your position is critical to winning matches. 

The core gameplay works great with a DualShock 4, but you can enhance the grounded gunplay by equipping a PS VR Aim Controller. Remember, high-tech gear is nothing without clear, consistent team communication, so stay frosty.

Tetris Effect

Genre: Puzzle 

Makes you feel: Calm, productive, immersed

Arranging, stacking and clearing lines in Tetris is one of gaming’s most beloved and long-running “therapeutic” experiences. 

The tranquil joy of stacking tetrominoes is heightened in PS VR, wrapping your senses in a warm, wondrous, kaleidoscopic ether. Songs subtly shift from serene to energetic as the images in your peripheral morph. You may be too busy arranging puzzle bricks to notice the stage shift from soothing jellyfish to crackling fire. 

The time-tested gameplay of Tetris Effect is top-class whether you’re in PS VR or not, but full immersion is the defining way to experience this puzzle game masterclass.

Beat Saber

Genre: Rhythm action

Makes you feel: Focused, energised, synaesthetic

The best music rhythm games teleport you to a “zen-like” place where you feel enveloped by every note. PS VR takes you deeper into that lush experience, while arming you with glowing red and blue sabres via the PlayStation Move Controllers. 

Slicing and dicing to the beat as the cubes fly towards you in VR is a cathartic yet calming experience. After just a few songs you’ll feel more fluid and graceful, like the sabres are extensions of you – conduits to aggressively “feeling the music”. 

In addition to being a blast, Beat Saber is also a great way to get the blood pumping.

The Persistence

Genre: Horror shooter

Makes you feel: Sneaky, interstellar, intrepid

A stylish sci-fi roguelike with a 3D printing twist, the ever-changing halls of The Persistence will keep you on your toes. Take to the shadows to battle the mutated copies of your fallen crew, with the ability to find and pick up new items with a sustained glance. 

The map may change every time you respawn, but you can also 3D print yourself with new upgrades and weapons that will keep every encounter fresh. Be ready to switch up your strategy and think on your feet.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Genre: Platform adventure

Makes you feel: Joyful, gigantic, surprised

Transport yourself to adorable and colourful new worlds and save some friendly robots in this expansive platformer. It’s not just Astro to the rescue; you and the DualShock 4 controller are actively part of the adventure, pushing, pulling and engaging with the environments around you to make sure no bot is forgotten. 

Where traditional platformers propel ever forward, Astro Bot takes advantage of the full space around you, encouraging you to turn, lean and leave no stone unturned. Watching and guiding Astro through the levels is a delight that will have you replaying levels over and over.


Genre: Strategic shooter

Makes you feel: Clever, godlike, improvisational

Everybody wants you dead in Superhot VR, but they can only enact their vengeance on your time. Time only progresses when you do, so strategically assessing your situations is key. Leaning in either direction to smoothly dodge bullets in PS VR feels like second nature. 

Wielding dual PlayStation Move Controllers is also intuitive, allowing you to wield two weapons, or perhaps use a free hand to whip a coffee cup at an enemy’s head. Get creative!


Genre: Platform adventure

Makes you feel: Heroic, brave, magical

From the moment you lay eyes on Moss’ pint-sized heroine, Quill, you can tell she’s something special. Quill dreams of greatness, and after ancient magic is unleashed and threatens her forest, it’s up to you to help her. 

Her world feels tactile and real while you move objects and solve puzzles to move forward. Each new area comes to life with stunning watercolour design, and the longer you play and build a connection with Quill, the more you can engage and help fight back. It’s an immersive fairy tale that will make you feel like you’re part of the magic. 


Genre: Rhythm action

Makes you feel:  Intense, pressured, tenacious

Where most rhythm games aim to make you feel like a rock star, Thumper makes you feel like a rattled horror movie survivor. Players hurtle along a track, banking against sharp turns to the beat as an enormous, ghastly face looms in the distance. 

PS VR intensifies the effect of being consumed by a threatening world and its teeth-rattling music. The soundtrack is gritty, aggressive, and industrial with an almost tribal undertone. 

Let the beating drums engulf you. You can’t escape the music. All you can do is hold on, get a bit beat up as you try to match the rhythm, and enjoy the satisfaction of surviving each brutal track.

Resident Evil VII - Biohazard

Genre: Survival horror

Makes you feel: Spooked, breathless, resilient

Step into the Baker family home and try to avoid the slaughter in deadly, immersive clarity. With the entire campaign playable in PS VR, Resident Evil VII will have you facing fears head on as you race to escape a clan of cannibals and cure infected allies. 

The PS VR headset enables you to take aim on enemies’ weak points by simply looking at them, offering a gameplay edge amidst the chaos. 

Whether you’re peeking around corners or barely missing swipes from Jack Baker’s axe, take the time to explore every disgusting nook and cranny of this unforgettable horror house.