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PlayStation Video Usage Restrictions

How, when and where you can view your PlayStation Videos.


When you rent or purchase a video from PlayStation Store there are a few restrictions that you’ll need to keep in mind.

PlayStation Video compatible devices

You can access PlayStation Store and buy or rent videos in various formats from a few different devices. This table shows you what is available on each device.

Most web browsers are supported, please click here for a complete list.

HD streaming to a second display requires HDCP compatibility (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).


  • Video formats may not be compatible with the device you are using to access PlayStation Store. Check compatibility before completing your purchase.
  • The videos available on PlayStation Video are only available for viewing from your account on compatible devices. In no circumstances can you move rented or purchased content to a DVD or external memory unit.

How to view PlayStation Video content

You can view PlayStation video on any of your compatible activated devices. Activating a device means ‘registering’ it on your PSN account so you can access your PlayStation Store purchases on it. You can’t view videos on a device that isn’t activated on your account.

The number of devices you can activate on your account for a content type is limited. Please refer to the table below or find out more about device activation in our Device Activation support article.


Device type Number of devices you can activate on your PSN account
PS4 One
PC / Mac (streaming via compatible web browser) No Limit  

Mobile devices

You can pause and resume playback of a video as many times as you like, but there are some restrictions to consider before you start watching your video:

Rental restrictions to keep in mind

When renting a video the following restrictions apply, in addition to any and all restrictions included in the Terms of Service at

  • The video must be watched within 30 days of payment.
  • Once viewing has been started you have 24, 48 or 72 hours to finish watching it. This rental period can differ depending on the title. Please refer to the video title detail page to check.
  • You can pause, stop and start your video as often as you like during the rental period (24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the title) unless the 30 day limit is reached within that time.
  • You can switch between any of your Sony devices to watch your movie within the rental period, but only if your device supports streaming from My Videos (cloud library) feature and playback of the video format.
  • If you have begun to download a rented video to a device, you cannot re-download it to any device whether you have begun playback on a downloaded copy or not. You need to rent the video again if you wish to download to another device.
  • If you rent an HD video and download it in SD you will only be able to watch it in SD.
  • Some devices do not support HD playback. To see which devices support HD please see the table above for more information.
  • You can stream a video rented on your PSN account on one device at any one time. If you start playback of any video on a second device, playback on the first device will stop.

Purchasing restrictions to keep in mind

  • You may stream or download purchased videos to compatible activated devices as many times as you like, subject to title and network availability.
  • You may stream videos purchased through your PSN account to one device at a time. Starting playback on a second device will stop playback on the first.
  • In certain circumstances, a video may have to be removed from PlayStation Video. In these circumstances, videos that you have purchased may become unavailable to download and/or stream. This will not affect purchased or rented videos that you have already downloaded. As a result, wherever possible, you should download purchased and rented videos immediately after purchase to all download compatible devices on which you would like to have a copy.
  • Some devices do not support HD playback. To see which devices support HD please see the table above for more information.
  • You can stream one video purchased on your PSN account on one device at any one time. If you start playback of any video on a second device, playback on the first device will stop. You can watch downloaded videos on as many of your compatible activated devices as you like at any one time.

Countries where PlayStation Video is available

You can purchase or rent PlayStation Video from PlayStation Stores in these in the SIEE countries:

Australia Germany Spain
Austria Ireland


Denmark Italy United Kingdom
Finland New Zealand  
France Norway  

Downloading and streaming is limited according to the country of the PSN account a video or season pass was purchased or rented on. This means that if you’re travelling, you can view videos you’ve downloaded from the PlayStation Store before you left the country in which your PSN account was created, but you won’t be able to download or stream any videos from PlayStation Store in another country, even if it’s listed above.

If you want to purchase or rent a video in a country other than the one where your PSN account was created, you’ll need to create a new PSN account registered to that country. You can’t change the country of your PSN account or transfer purchases from your account to another.

Within the EEA you can use a payment method registered in the EEA in any EEA country, with the exception of Germany. In the case of Germany, users with German PSN accounts, may only use a payment method registered in Germany. However, use of payment methods within SIEE, but outside of the EEA are restricted to the same country in which the PSN account was registered (e.g. an Australian card can’t be used in Saudi Arabia).

Note: PlayStation Video is only available in a country’s mainland. PlayStation Video is not available in overseas territories; only on the mainland. For example, though you can access the UK PlayStation Store in the Channel Islands, UK PlayStation Video is not available.